I know I am not much to look at
nowadays and I am a little bit worn out,
I been used up and lied to so many times that it's hard
for me to trust anyone at all,  I am 
kinda well kinda getting old,
my heart may be missing a few dozen
pieces but that's only because it has
been broken so many times before,
but it still pumps I know because I am
still standing here and it will even pound every
now and then, with a little bit of love,
patience, and understanding I know it
will beat out a melody of love once
again, I am not looking for a marriage no
just a walk on a beach holding hands
not really looking for a mom to take care
of me no more like a lover and a friend
so what I am looking for is someone
to whisper my name and to hold me
tight while we are making love at night
from the time the sun goes down until
she starts to revolve around us all again as
she starts making love to the moon and
stars up in the beautiful midnight skies
then when the morning comes just as you
and I have done many times before bringing
with her the light of day which will warm
our way into her heart allowing you and
me along with the moon and sun to
switch places as we all make love a few
more times spending an eternity forever
right there under the covers together with
the stars shining their twinkling light which
look like fireflies with you and me holding
on day and night for the rest of our lives

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets, Journey


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