Passion for poetry the story will never end.

Passion for poetry the story will never end.

When I bumped into you by mistake
the other day and knocked those
books out of your hands I had no
idea that when we both bent
down to pick them up, I looked directly
down your blouse to see those
beautiful bare breast that you tried so hard to
hide I knew that you saw me when
your nipples got very hard and I
thought man, I need to introduce
myself and apologies for my lack of
class and charm then we both
grabbed your books at the same time
what happened next is kinda still
blurry but I will tell you the best I
can from my memories, you were reading
Poetry by Keats, Poe and Christopher Marlow
for the ink that they spilled on the pages
of all the different verses filled up by words
creating all of the poems that turn you on,
making your heart start to beat faster and
your soul start dancing on a strippers pole
and that is just what is hidden beneath
those layers of clothes and the shy
woman you show on the outside
but in reality, is the body of a
goddess the hottest one of all that has
desires of a freak in heat in bed that
needs to feel that hard thrust of a
man as you are being naughty the
kind that does whatever you want
and more and then our eyes locked
onto each other and I saw your
naked soul-touching itself in places
that only a woman could ever know
then I saw the demon that you let
loose when you can it saw me and
smiled licked her lips and said
Hey you sexy me and her soul are
having a little party and want you to
be our man her heart started whispering
you turn her on she wants you very
bad reading poetry drinking wine
and conversation of intelligence and
deepness from a lover and a friend so
if you read a book or understand
what poetry means not a limerick
from dirty old men but the kind that
brings a tear from a soul in pain or
the beating of two hearts as one while
they make love all night on a beach in
the rain until the light of early dawn
a man who is all man but not afraid
to cry when a poem gets in his head
from the birth of love when two lovers
meet for the first time and
innocence is gone, the death of a
child born or lost, of a good friend, the
laughter of a household or the
tears when the laughter ends, to her
my friend that is sexy it is what
passion is all about so if you want
this woman then listen to our
whispers for the secrets to finding the
key the one that opens the door to
her heart then you will understand a
little time and patience and you can
have her demon that loves to play
at night behind closed doors when
anything goes, to her soul that she
shows when others are around and
her heart that is yours so treat it like
A ton of gold treat her right with
love and honesty and she will be
yours always and forevermore making
you feel like a king not needing
anything for she is your every dream
wants and desires. Then I saw us in a vision
making love everywhere we could
from the kitchen table, at the park, even
the hood of the car in Ohio
, then I saw us growing old together still
happily in love holding hands like
teenage kids as we rode off in the
sunset. Then I was back right here
we are just like nothing happened
at all, it was as if I was transported
into the books and was somehow
ingrained in the ink that was used
when the poet wrote the words I
was living in all the emotions
feeling them as they were read and
written feeling all the passion of the
Poet and now I understand, so let
me take you out tonight and drink
some coffee I will read some poetry
then go home and I will write a poem against
your skin until all of my ink is spent then
roll over let you do all work as you
ride me like your stallion until the morning
sun.  that is what saw just now and
she said yes.
So even though this piece is over it
does not mean that I am finished no
far from that, I will tell you I will always
continue to write because that is who i
am and will always be
the story will never end.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.


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