The passion of a Shakespeare's play

The passion of a Shakespeare's play

The very first time that they had
ever met something or someone
born of either luck or maybe even
fate had somehow in some way
ignited a spark in both of them
just a very tiny wisp of smoke with
no hint of what was to become
at that moment when the two
who never knew the other before that
day looked up to say hello to one
another when for one brief moment
barely sand of time looked into each other
eyes at the same exact moment
causing a chain reaction in the
actions of an emotional distraction
Which opened the locked windows
to their souls who then preceded
to be naughty as both a wild streak
a mile wide without the proper
actions needed to be learned from rules
and the laws that had been handed
down since the beginning before
love was ever found to reinforce the
much needed rules of how and when
to fall in love, so the two souls
with no regard for procedures wanted to
feel the touch of another while
much needed love and heat of passion just
like that of Shakespeare's Play for
when they saw the other they knew right away that
they wanted to be in each other's
arms so that they could dance to
the melodies of all the beats of their
pounding hearts every day out in the
rain of the midnight sun as the stars
fell down around them shooting across
the very fabrics of time and space
while granting all of the wishes of
which they both indeed wished upon
and to think it all happened in less
time then it takes to blink an eye
when the windows slammed shut
and the doors that guarded the
stairway to the heart and the keys
to another's souls, as the two had
not a clue what had happened
as they smiled and said it was a
pleasure to meet and since we
work together I am sure you will see
me around, then they went their
separate ways neither knowing
what had just started brewing for
that little wisp of smoke shall now
begin to smolder causing spark
which would feed a little more every
word they spoke until the time was
right when a single night would
cause a roaring fire to burn out of
control through the forest of forever
Into the eternity's of loves eternal
hold. What happens next in this
story of a poetic love? Well it is
still being written as the ink has just
started spilling and the two main
characters have only just now
started feeling a strange yet familiar
Feeling of a love that has still
not quite been born, but please do
not worry we will follow this once upon
story until the very END.

To be continued

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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