And the moon is full again

And the moon is full again.

If I ever had the chance to be
alone with you anywhere in the
world at some time no matter
when somewhere that I can read
and write how I feel about you
and all the things I would do to
you uh um I seem to have well
to tell you the truth I am not
sure what I would do for your
absolute sheer beauty has me
frozen right here where I stand,
as you paralyze me with your
sexy eyes that feel like you can
look right through me to see
who it is that I really am while I
am feeling so completely
terrified deep down inside to my
very embarrassed soul so bad it
does not know what to do so it
hides its head in shame and my
poor heart now wants to only
skip a beat then acts real cool
for just a few minutes then it
pounds so hard through my
chest it feels as if it will bust
right out then it stops for a
second and it starts all over
again oh and I can usually talk
the talk just as smooth as ice
on a hockey puck with my lips
softly whispering those words
that make any woman second
guess anyone that they maybe
with, causing a chain reaction
from the top of their head to
their bottom of their woman's
curves while they are in a heat
of passions that run real deep
then we are off to bed for at
least weekend or more but you
have me so damn confused and
left without any words that I
can use causing me to stand
here and  stare and then stutter
like a twelve-year-old boy
finding his dad's stash of old
playboys and seeing boobs for
the very first time as soon as
you walk into the room my
body shivers in fear causing me
to want to turn away and run
just as fast as I can to find my
momma so I can try to
understand why I am now
sucking my thumb and she can
tell me it will be okay just stay
away from women like you. I
swear you are an angel who has
lost her way as I have never in
my life has seen such beauty ever
come my way so If I ever had
the chance to be alone with you
like right now at this very
moment I would hope and pray
that you felt the same and we
could save our breaths by not
saying those words you and I
have already heard a million
times giving us more time and
energy for the night in which
will just be you and me making
love until we count three sun's
down and the moon is full

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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