The legend of the Fallen Angel

The legend of the Fallen Angel

Every single legend that has ever
been told throughout the ages
from the beginning of man, was
started by someone somewhere
who saw or heard something
happen and relayed it to a family
member or friend who then
repeated to others and so on
So forth each time being told
a little differently with bits and
pieces changed or added even
more subtracted until it was finally
written down or ink to paper
when it finally becomes a legend,
lore or fairytale sometimes
even a nursery rhyme, either way, no
matter what it is, it usually has
some truth buried deep down
in the very essence of the story.
So now that the back story or
prelude or log well something pre
that I can tell you, What I am
about to say to you for the first
time is what legends are made
of, is it true? Well that is up to
you to decide, I believe it in
my heart and soul, as I tell you
now to the best of my recollection.
It all started one dark rainy night
after three of my closest friends
had passed away within days of
each other and then soon after
my son was taken by his estranged
mother, I was all alone, my heart
was barely beating my soul had
gone missing and my head was
a little bit messed up no a lot, I
had nothing left at all, I was lonely,
strung out lost, and confused,
reaching out somebody for
something yet receiving nothing
from nobody at all cursing
to a God, I did not believe in,
screaming at the devil to go
back whatever kinda a hell
he would go to, hating everyone
and everything, feeling
guilty for nothing, walking through
the empty streets of heartbreak
and sorrow wanting to forget all
about yesterday not wanting
tomorrow to come for fear of
hurting all over again, my mind a
mix of way too many things and
the deafening sound of silence so
loud I just wanted to end it all today
so I did or thought anyway
I had one last breath to breathe
when I looked up and seen the
most beautiful creature I had ever
seen with a body that could only
live in a dream, and she was falling
straight at me, I could not believe
that I was about to meet a real
fallen angel whose beauty was
seen in her glow, and she was
falling fast or rather kicked out of
heaven above on a path straight
down to the fiery pits of hell for
what I would never know but her
broken halo could clearly be seen
on her blond yet messy hair where
you could plainly see 'two horns
barely there, her strength that she
had inside of her she hid it so well
that no one knew it was there,
not even God himself. But he
would soon for as she fell towards the
fires she stopped right there in
midair she smiled like she was
but did not care then put
her hands up then one finger
up in the air as high as she was
able and said you know I think
I will stay right here on earth
for a while and you all can go
straight to hell, chaos reigned
as the devil said ': what the hell
is going on the soul you have
Is not yours anymore its mine."
So to keep her soul inside of
her when the devil got close
enough she kick the Devil so
damn hard right in his balls
that even God, his son, Buddha
and Ronnie Regan fell to the
the ground on their knees and began
to weep and cry. God said she is
yours I swear she is not mine
just as the Devil got up with a
loud agonizing scream choked
back the tears looking as if he
was gonna be sick then he ran
away as fast as he could to hide.
For the first time since they both
began never to be seen again
God and the Devil agreed on
something that the fallen angel
was from another, who they are
not sure but they did agree that
she is not from God or the Devil
and neither wanted her so she is
a brand new breed, who good with
a little evil so hot she was and
knew it for she could make a
grown man cry then turn around
with big sexy smile and bake him
an apple pie with a touching way
too much for any man to handle
and a soul that will never be
saddled, and kiss I will never forget
On that day I met a real Fallen
angel, today that fallen angel is
still right here on earth and
very much alive as you see her
and I spent a lot of time together
hanging out and getting by for
the legend is true that I will not
lie she is the hottest fallen angel
I ever knew hell I even tried my
best for a slice of heaven many
times and she has only made
me cry but maybe one day with
a smile on her face she may take
a little pity on my soul. But as for
now I know this, She can't go to
heaven and she was banned
from hell so right here in this
bed is where she lies.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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