Spiritual beliefs

People ask me if I go to church or what religion I follow and I smile take a breath and get ready for a debate or a scoff even some that just walk away or say "Well bless your heart" which everyone knows in Texas is a polite way of say go fu#$ yourself or your an idiot.... Before five years ago I was not a believer in anything at all more a creationism type of person.. I was Baptised in a Catholic church as a baby but never felt right in a church where sexual abuse was ignored, tried other churches of different denominations but felt like I was being milked of tithings feeling like I was a sinner going to hell for not.. Making me feel like I needed to give money to the poor when I could barely feed myself. So I gave up on any belief I had.. But I listened and read and got more confused... Just more questions that nobody could answer like why am I going to hell if I smoke weed? It came from God he created it they wore sandals made from it... So you say if it is illegal then it must be a sin...? So God lives in the Whitehouse? Or why does the Bible not tell of Jesus as a teenager? Probably because like most Teenagers he was a hooligan... Smoking blunts and drinking a forty of beer or wine he made.. That teacher gave me an F I'm going plague him for forty days and nights.. Hey, Suzy you not wearing panties.. Stop seeing through my clothes Jesus.. Mary his Mom saying Jesus H Christ get your but in here..  Did you make Mrs so and so blind so you could sneak out of class you give her eyesight back right now.. Wait till I tell your father.. Stop walking on water nobody likes a showoff.. I mean the Bible is written by man.. Well let's leave that part out or get we can get more tithing if we say 15% instead of 5% or whatever.. More wars have been fought and more people have died in religious wars then all the others combined.. But we are peace and love but if you don't believe we will send knights to kill you and burn your villages what the hell is that? Religion is man-made, I do believe in God and angels and heaven. We are in hell now so and the Devil may have been a power at one time but man has far surpassed him in our evil ways now he only consults now and then... Now I will not debate my beliefs with anyone at all.. You won't change what I have seen or heard in the last five years.. And if I wanted twenty mansions and drive a Ferrari I would have been a false prophet like those on the television.. You know who you are.. Have a good night my friends.. Be good to each other but mostly be good to yourself.

Many blessings to all of you..

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr
A #Poets Journey
Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020 


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