Addicted to you

Addicted to you

Hey, girl, I'm an addict but I know that is
not something new but I am not addicted
to any kind of drug no baby, I am totally
and completely addicted to only you, so
I need a fix, one really bad, because of the
fact that I have the shakes baby, I am
going completely mad, it has only been
days but it feels like weeks or months
since I have had any part of you, so come
on baby girl, what can you do for all of
this pain? That is pounding down deep
in the middle of my chest? Now, you are
in my brain that I must confess, I see you
here and I see you there I am I think that
I'm hallucinating as I see you everywhere,
I need you now, I need you bad, not just
some before I start to crash, baby no, I
can't take anything less than what you
got underneath that tiny black dress, you
are my drug, the one of choice, the very
best, you are my dealer so break It all
out, I need a whole lot of you right now,
so you better make it stout, oh baby, let's
push it in then feel the burn oh baby I'm
slowly spinning out of control for only for
it is only you that I yearn, you are in my
blood flowing throughout my veins, baby
baby can you feel it too I can feel your
heat as you hit my brain, So come on girl
let’s take a ride, we are on high now of
the wild kind, so please do not stop
because I am almost there, besides you
got yours so what is fair is fair, I am an
addict baby there is no denying that so
just beware while you are on your back
It ain’t no drug on that I swear it is all
about you and what you do to me, I will
not stop I won't ever quit there are not
enough meetings of the anonymous steps,
for I know, I am an addict and I will
always be, it is my vice it lives inside
of me, there is no cure, you are my crutch
on you I lean, I feed on what you got
because of what got right there on top,
that is where it starts but then I start to
roll grinding down on you from head to
toe and before I end through your stares
I am going down to your highest place
beyond your bend and what I want it
sure ain't no drugs, my biggest high if
you got to know, starts right there
between your thighs.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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