A thank you letter to Ryders Teacher Mrs Fink

So Ryder's testing for dyslexia came back inconclusive meaning it is at a higher level, his teacher has fought every step of the way to continue testing earning my sincere respect, when she heard about the fire her genuine concern was amazing emailing tricounty electric who donated much-needed cash to replace clothes and the such I am both elated and humbled bringing tears to my eyes, I have nominated her for teacher of the year and this is what I wrote:
I want to say thank you in so many different ways for everything you have done for Ryder Dean, The fire that destroyed all of our belongings was just another instance of a situation that Ryder and myself have had to endure throughout his six years of life. I know that all teachers teach our children or try at least, it is a thankless job that pays well below what they all deserve and in the thirty-one years that I have had a child in the public school systems I have never met a more compassionate caring and understanding teacher as you Mrs. Fink, your genuine concern not only for my son Ryders well being and push for his testing to help him make it through not only in life but school and our loss in the fire you are truly blessed and as I have written many times in the many books I have published you are angel without her wings and have earned my respect as a teacher and a genuine human being bringing to me at least the fact that just maybe humanity does still have a chance.
Angels are very real just look around and you will see Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, everywhere down here on earth without their wings.
Angels among us
Angels really do live among us and they may
be anyone we may meet, from the clerk that
helps you to the car who has down syndrome
at the grocery store to with only a smile to great
 or the soldier back from war missing his legs
who will never admit defeat.
To the little girl who has cancer, and the type
 that does not even have a cure, to the little
boy who has autism, who will show his
unconditional love for sure.
To the lady next door with the bruises, who
 says she only tripped and fell to the ground,
to the little girl in a bedroom, who was told
never to a make sound.
Angels really do live among us and they may
be anyone we meet, for God has chosen only
those people, whose souls can never be beat.
From teachers like Reno Elementary first grade
teacher Mrs. Erin Fink who is teaching our children
for nearly nothing with love, compassion, and
understanding to add, subtract, spell, and to read
above and beyond expectations that she is required
to teach.
Angels really do live among us and they may be
anyone whom we meet, so look around, then look
inside, for those angels just maybe you, or they
could even be me.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
#Poets Journey
Two Time Texas Poet Laureate
Nominee 2016-2020


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