Fairy tales versus nursery rhymes

Fairy tales versus nursery rhymes

Even though fairy tales more than never ever
come true and happily ever after is only
the ending of many Disney cartoons, you still could
find yourself in a sort of real-life reality living in a
convoluted child's tale or even a nursery rhyme
if that is what you want to call it, you know
a story we tell children to keep them in line or
to scare them into a mentally disturbed subdued
sense of a controlled environment causing
the manageability of our kids, in other words
we scare the shit out of them, like chopping off
the tails of three blind mice with a bloodied
butchers knife, or getting cooked alive like
Hansel and Gretel if they don't listen, or a big
bad wolf eating Little Red Riding Hood which
sounds a little like sexual innuendo, or like
two people that used to be a couple sitting
there in eerie silence on completely opposite
sides of a king size bed in what used to be
their room together as neither one would say
a word to the other while both are staring at
blank empty walls where the outline of many
picture frames that were no longer hanging
on the wall sticking out like a sore thumb
causing them to begin remembering all of
their happy times that they had had at one
time in the past and all those painful memories
that will slowly fade away over time and then
they started thinking about the future knowing
that they both had a very lonely one ahead
of them, until he took a deep breath and
said quietly under his breath sometimes
it takes more than love to stay together
and we have had to much happen already
between us to trust each other which
means we can no longer be together
either as friends or even as lovers for even
like all the kings horses and all the
kings men could never put Humpty
Dumpty back together again so is all of
our love and affection now gone wasted
away as there has been too many lies
of the bedroom kind that God may just
indeed forgive but I will never forget
all the pain that came from a broken
heart and just like an egg that has fallen
apart there is no way to ever make
it whole and though we both promised
each other to be together forever I
believe it is time to part ways or walk
away and try to remember only the
good times before the bad times win.
And even though they did not live happily
ever after they both had the chance to
find happiness without the other which
was better than living a life in misery

The end

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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