If i said what I was thnking

If I said what I was thinking

If I said what I was thinking deep down in the darkest
corners of my mind out loud to you, hell itself would
come calling out my name as all the thoughts of what
I want to do you when we are alone just me and you
would put even the devil himself to shame, to me I
see only an angel standing there right in front of me
causing all the sins that have been plaguing me since
the first day that I had ever seen your beautiful face
that summer day, back when you made my heart
begin to race making my whole body tremble and
shake as it still does whenever you are around today,
I would even reach up and capture all of the stars
up in the midnight skies to keep them from falling
then steal all of their wishes to have you always
here by my side, find and close all the wishing
wells so their wishes would go to no one else, then
find a genie then wish the three that no more magic
can come from the lamp until forever has come
gone, track cupid down to where he is from and
break his arrows in half and then tie him to his
home so he could no longer fly away, the last I
would try so hard to keep when love shows itself
finally to me freezing it like a photograph on the wall,
where it will stay like our love every day as a
treasured piece of art showing the last of the
greatest love we shall ever see.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr
A #Poets Journey


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