Certain kind of something

Certain kind of something

Whenever I go out I take a good long
look all around me just watching
and listening to all the people out
on the streets no matter where I go
I keep trying to find a certain kind of
something that has to do with love
I am not exactly sure of what I am
looking for but when I see it I am
quite sure that I will know, I see the
single ones just trying hard to find
another one who is just like them
just so they could know what love is
so they will no longer be lonely
any more, then there are those who
have finally just given up on ever
really finding a true love for they
have given up on the hope after
being in all of the raging battles
in what I call "Loves war" who
have been beaten down, bruised
up, scars from wounds while still
hurting from all of their broken
hearts. The few that just do not
ever want anything to do with love
are only looking for a good time
with their motto of "what can you do
for me, baby how about you buy me
a new car throw in some cash and I
Promise to love you long time" which
makes me say ewww, they are so
confused on what exactly love really
is fooled into believing like a lot of
others have been too by an almost
exact facsimile of what love is
suppose to be the nemesis of love,
lust another four letter word yet
means something quite different,
you see a real love will last long
past forever no matter what you
may hear while lust last only long
enough for the attraction to wear off
or until the money runs dry. No
matter who you are everybody in
every place wherever you go are all
still searching while they continue
hoping for the same thing that all
of you and I are all still wishing on
patiently waiting for not another
cold-hearted lover or one night
stands, love that never last past
the morning, promising forever
while knowing it is a lie, no what
want and have been searching for
is really true love to walk through
our doors.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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