Where did you go

Where did you go?

As I was sitting alone in front of the fireplace
drinking a glass of white wine, I started
thinking back to the past and back to a time
that we were happy, back when I was yours
and you were mine.
I can remember we started out as friends
and I thought a friendship that would last for
life but then when we became lovers and
soon after I was your loving husband and you
were my beautiful wife, right then all the memories
of all the good times that we ever had came
rushing into my mind and you know what? Even
after all the bad times that we had I could
no longer find them.
Just what happened to us that is what I want
really want to know one day we were drinking
this bottle of white wine making love by our fireplace
as we have so many times, then one day I came
home you were gone where did you go? What
happened? What did I do wrong? You know what
baby? I still smile when I hear our song just know
that I still think about you every single day then
dream of you at night when I try to sleep, so you
know I am not mad at you, just hurt that I could not
ever get it right, I still love you that is why I set you
free and I will still be right here waiting If you ever
want to come back to me, If you are lost and you
want to find your way home just look up towards
the night sky, find the brightest star that you can find,
for I will be wishing on it too that one day you will
come back home to me and once again it will be
Me and You.

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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