Our son and me.

Our Son and Me.

Hey baby, how are you? I was hoping that you
would not answer the phone because I don't
think that I could really talk to you at least
Not quite yet, no not this soon. I hope you are
finding everything that you thought you would,
wherever it is that it might be, I am hoping one
day that you will open your eyes so that you may
see just how much that we miss you, our son
and me. He is growing up so very fast and you
know what? He learned how to tie his shoes
the week before last, He will be starting school
right after the summer ends and with all of his love
he does send. He is finally sleeping throughout
the whole night, he would wake up screaming for
you and gave me such a fright, oh his eyes do not
tear up anymore when he thinks about you, Unlike
the tears that are now rolling down my face I guess
that I am still not quite yet over you. Well I guess
that I better go we are going to the park so he can
play then afterward we just might go get some
ice cream, a scoop or maybe even two. Just know
that when you are done trying to find out who you
are and where you want to be, we will be right here
where we want to be,

Love our son and me.

Richard M Knittle Jr. ©
© A #Poets Journey


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