How very sad

 How very sad

How very sad it must be for you
to live in a world of fantasy laid
by your hands brick by brick body
by body and card after card one
that is built on nothing more then
the foundation of all your lies and
the many untruths that have passed
through your lips, a world in which
you are the ruler a queen of spades
living in house made of cards where
it is so cold and dark there is no
light since you have no hearts
working so damn hard to barely have
to work at all, a black widow spider
spinning her web made up of drama
and deceit catching men to abuse
in every way until it is time to eat.
Devouring them all from head to toe
slowly until there is nothing more
but the dried up remains of what
used to be a man left then savoring
their souls for last since you have
none of your own, you are the child
of a demon and even the Devil
himself who looks like an angel
but instead of heaven she lives
down in hell below for the only love
you will ever love is not for a child
for you can only ever love yourself
always using people to get what you
want a natural born freeloader who
never pays for rent then uses
the state to pay for everything else
stealing from anyone no matter if
they are a friend or foe you take
what you want whether it is cash
or more always keeping secrets
that you keep to yourself making
plans with others for just you and
them spending all your money all
on yourself knowing that there are
bills to pay but instead you buy
pain pills, becoming a great online
shopper with boxes delivered daily
stacked up at the door sleeping all
day long until I leave from work
then you start to sweep and pickup
acting like you been cleaning all day
long acting like your tired or hurt
so I am working twice as hard
while buying cigarettes and tobacco
for all the underage teenagers and
your son, I really do often wonder
if you ever feel anything at all I hear
you cry but never see a tear at all
but I am not mad for what you have
done to me I do not feel anger at
actually I kind of feel sorry for you
because I do have a heart and a
soul and like the saying goes "is it
not better to have loved and lost
then to have never really loved at all?"

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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