The story of her and I

The story of her and I My whole life has been filled with hopes and dreams that have risen up higher than I could ever imagine yet never have quite come true, for every time I thought that I had found true love it always left me looking like a fool, leaving me with a heart that was broken, beat up, and bruised one after one three times in all left me blue, I gave up I did my best putting out the effort for second best, then I saw her one day a work I thought to myself, "she is a beautiful girl so I would stare at her for hours without her even knowing kinda creepy I know, studying her every curve watching wear a sweater which held some secrets one's that I had to know, then going home and falling asleep just so I could dream all about her, for the minute that I closed my eyes I was in a strange place with just me and a giant book that would open up right before my eyes, so I started reading, it was the story of our life it read "Once upon a time, is the way it started with happily ever after the way, I wished it would have ended you know like all of those childhood fairy tales that promised a knight in shining armor riding upon his big beautiful white horse to save the day or a just simple hero to slay a mighty dragon just before our wedding day. That is after all, how it is supposed to be is it not a boy meets a girl they kiss date then get married have some kids then pass on in this life holding one another's hand still in love like the first time they fell in love always and forever forevermore the end", I can still to this day taste her lips on mine from our very first kiss, with my hand on her breast laying together just as our two hearts began beating to the very same song, the very one they had both written together so long ago and even though through time begotten she might have forgotten all the words and maybe even the beautiful tune, but the music still and always will keep on playing way deep down in my soul just as the melody along with all of those memories will forever and always play like a full-blown symphony or a concert in minor d in my mind, and even though they all say that time's supposed to heal all wounds, which I firmly believe for the most part that is true but in this case the fact of the matter is I will never get over you because now that you are gone and moving on with your life, I am stuck in thought where I am trapped in those memories somewhere back in the past on a hill underneath the light of the stars and the glow of the moon making love still to you, now whenever I hear your name a smile begins to appear on my face that fills with tears as my foot will start to tap to an eerily familiar beat as my feet start moving looking a lot like I am dancing in the streets as my hips start to sway back and forth like I am Elvis singing blue swede shoes at a comeback concert as thoughts of making love to you start to find a place in my heart again causing it to start to pound the beat of the music it used to know every night, as I start to remember that before we met our lives up until then were separated by many miles of land and oceans through all of the fabric of time, who would have known that as fate would have it we would meet just two strangers on the street or passing shadows in the night one day causing all of the falling stars and their wishes to realign above us creating an atmosphere of chaos and confusion which had somehow forced us to spend time and feelings on one another so much so we really got to know each other and that is when we began to share all of the lyrics to a very beautiful song about love and devotion as our two hearts began playing while our two souls begin singing to the same tune beating out all of the rhymes and rhythms while they were documenting the reasons why we should be together then when our two souls got involved reaching out to each other then started dancing closely together never forgetting one another the night under the stars, the moon, heaven, and all of the angels, above with hell and its demons who became very jealous cursing our two souls from ever becoming one, so we fight for the love we have to be together like we at one time had all the while the curse is trying to rip us apart from each other so heaven and hell came together to fight a war on this earth, with neither able to win and that is where the story will end or will it? You see those two souls will always in some way love the other just like the first day they met one another but with the angels and demons along with heaven and hell still battling with neither side giving an inch the two souls will do what they can as they try their best to keep on fighting until they can finally be together in peace and love even if it takes always forever evermore. The end Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. A Poet's Journey


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