How the ink begin to flow. (Part Two) I am in love with a fallen angel

 How the ink begin to flow.
(Part Two)

I am in love with a fallen angel 

One of the saddest days that I have ever had in 

my whole life thus far was the day that I 

held the most beautiful woman I have ever known 

tightly in my arms, as she trembled against my 

clothed body with my heart pounding so hard that

I thought it would burst out and one that was filled 

with more love for her then she could ever even

Imagine and it was raging inside of me with flames 

smoldering like a fire burning out of control with 

so much passion that she herself or even anyone 

else for that matter would ever know, meanwhile

a flood of tears was falling like a bad winters

storm or a category five hurricane somewhere

out in the middle of the ocean from the deep

dark sadness of her big brown sexy eyes that

were reflecting all the signs of a hidden sorrow

and the shadows that were leftover of her long

much regretful past that seems to follow her

everywhere she goes, as she sobbed and cried

uncontrollably which was  coming from her heart

that had been badly broken so many times into

a million pieces that it just may never heal

again along with a wounded completely lost,

the lonely shattered soul who is still trembling in

fear of another rejection so much so it can no

longer whisper all of her deep dark secrets or

dance by itself outside at midnight in the rain,

and all I could do was stand there as a friend 

should acting sometimes like a fool and hold 

her just like I have so many times before and 

and for the first time lie when I told her that it 

would all be okay even though I knew deep 

down inside that it was going to be somehow

different this time around and I had not a clue 

at all of what will happen, as the once strong 

the independent woman looked up at me looking

fragile as glass the tears begin to fill my eyes, I

truly do believe though that she is a real fallen

angel who fell from God's grace from somewhere

in the heavens above with a wild streak that is 

more than any woman and too much for any man to

handle that you need to see to believe who

has lost her way back home and her wings to

fly her there, I mean how else can you explain

her incredibly, intoxicating, mesmerizing beauty

that is oozing from inside of her to the outside

which looks like a beauty queen that there is no

disputing and the tiny broken halo that lays upon

her head, she is only wanting to be loved like no

other has before, giving them her everything, but

has only been used lied to and abused for her

incredible body, that has been beaten, bruised, and

even bloodied, as every man she ever touches

falls in love with her forevermore driving them

insane with jealousy if they cannot have her all

to themselves. What was that? yes I do hear all

of your whispering, you want to know everything

like how I know her so well, you see her and me

have been friends for as long as I can remember

finding the truth through many lies in each other

finding ourselves left alone together when there

was no one left but us who out of loneliness 

at one time or another have also been lovers in

the past as I too have been touched by her as 

we came together as a friend would do while

never judging the things we do conclude with 

the revelation and forever have fallen in love but 

never went insane, maybe I am much stronger 

than I ever knew or I truly do love her for more 

then her body we may never know, but out of all 

the others, I am the one who is still here beside 

her in whatever she may decide I am to her and 

here I will always be just waiting patiently for her 

to finally see that I can treat her the way she needs 

to be, then, we can walk hand and hand on a deserted

beach in the sand and maybe I could help this 

beautiful fallen angel who fell from heaven straighten 

out her halo and finally find her wings again to 

fly back home. 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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