A Christmas tale of one idiot

 A Christmas tale of one idiot. 

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house 
screaming was heard as he was killing his spouse with blood 
splatter on everything including the mouse the children up
stairs are laid up in their beds coughing and sneezing with 
Covid 19 temperatures soaring with breathing becoming 
harder I am sure Santa Klause will likely find them long dead.
Do I have your attention just a reminder that we now have two 
more days until Christmas where more suicides are recorded
then any other day of the year so when someone says to me
"Have a happy holiday"  I want to throw up making me want 
to pick up a big rock wrap it in the prettiest Christmas paper
place a pretty bow on it then smile as I throw it through their 
God damn window while I am screaming "here bitch is your 
fucking HoHoHo,"  Then all of the Christmas lights hanging 
everywhere I can see on everything they can find looking
making it look like a stupid Disney movie causing the cost of 
electricity to go up giving all the crooks, the ones in suites the 
greedy bastards who care about nothing but themselves 
besides that, it hurts my eyes so bad that I want to break 
every single bulb-like it is a bubble wrapper or start taking
target practice and shoot every mother fucking one of them 
then take the wire that's a lot of copper for the scrappers out there
and wrap it around those executive necks then hang them up 
by the chimney with  care as I fill the house with gas and a 
yuletide log then light it on fire causing a mile wide explosion 
so Santa Clause would not miss out on the carnage and so he 
can look down right at me and kiss me ass from the air  
then when the carolers come howling all of those stupid 
songs that hurt my ears wearing ridiculous clothes that  
a clown would not even wear making me want to take my 
hose turn it on full blast and spray them down like two 
dogs humping and a partridge in a pear tree, then go to my 
room and turn the lock then place a note on my door that 
says I killed Santa Clause right down Santa clause lane so 
Christmas would be canceled for cutting me off on the road
due to the fact that he is an asshole. so take your damn cheer 
and Happy New Year and shove them up to your ass. I mean 
everywhere you go you will see the best of all humanity 
putting up Christmas trees with all that shiny tinsel of Red and 
green buying overpriced gifts standing in line for hours to buy
presents with money they do not have to spend in the first place 
using all their rent and bill cash on people they do not even 
like or who do not care about them, I mean really who in the 
hell needs ten stuffed animals that cost twenty cents to make 
in all shapes and sizes bending you over the table costing
ridiculous prices or ugly sweaters that make you sick or 
crappy tasting fruitcakes that have been around since Nixon 
was in office while they are killing trees tearing down the rain 
forestand filling up the dumps with billions of tons of trash 
and litter all for what the hallmark channel made up  all the
holidays that are supposed to be celebrating the day our Lord 
and King Baby Jesus Christ and maybe even baby Yoda was 
born, another thing you know what I bet Jesus was pissed 
off growing up only getting one gift with a card that said, Happy 
Birthday and Merry Christmas because if that were me I 
would be like Whoa "yo hey  what's this bitch one gift you 
cheap mother beeeeeeep" I will smite your ass and flood 
your crops, hey dad will you send a plague of wasp, I mean 
what is the deal with holiday spirit because there is nothing 
at all to cheer about, I mean the poor keep getting poorer 
living on the streets they got no money for presents, hell 
that cannot even eat, you have the television showing all 
the specials the ones where everyone gets presents making 
those unfortunate children feel like shit, because of who they 
were born into Imean I guess they get the gift of their father 
being locked away in prison who spent all the Christmas 
money on cocaine bail and woman for beating his mother 
half to death who is nothing but a whore drug addict passed 
out on the floor of the kitchen so hey kid have yourself a 
Merry Christmas I hope you get presents but he won't 
instead, he will be a foster kid living from home to home oh
and son Happy Holidays even though your parents died a day 
ago hit and killed by a fucking drunk driver coming home 
from a Christmas party full of holiday spirit then walked away 
without a scratch saying, I did not do it there you go kid your 
parents were in the car on the way home sorry but Happy 
Holidays we saved the presents they are a little soaked with 
and guts oh wait there is you dads eye t will take that.
Then you have the ones at home to face the dark all alone 
they want to laugh and smile but can't because of mental 
health they have depression or anxiety or some other form of 
a mental kind of disability no one to help them they never 
believe them only saying things like take a pill or twenty just 
fake a smile until they find them hanging by a rope by the 
chimney with care, dead who knows how long they been 
hanging there or holding a gun still, been dead two weeks 
all red and green and it ain't no Christmas spirit that blood splatter
or sitting in a car that is full of presents and cookies and candy
smothered and covered by carbon monoxide and oh hear that
Christmas music blaring full of the Happy New Year where you 
find the addicts on the streets trying to snort up all of the white
powder or the ice that has fallen or those heroes in places 
unknown fighting and dying for what? jingle bells and IEDs singing 
all they want for Christmas is their arms or legs they were blown away 
when they stopped and searched foreign Santas and his elves 
carrying a hundred pounds of explosive and radioactive Christmas 
toys so I say screw the holidays take your cheers I do not want to 
hear about Rudolph or a snowman or how those rich kids got
fifty thousand dollars worth of toys but threw them all away and  
killed their parents because they did not get what they asked for so 
take your jingle or I will kick your balls and tell Santa that if he comes 
here he will see naughty when I Claus his eyes out then shoot 
his reindeer mounting their heads on my wall,  so all of you greedy 
suit-wearing bottom dollar soul-sucking corporations stop shoving
your Christmas bullshit down the throats of those who have nothing
at all to give, stop harassing our kids and charging forty dollars at the
overcrowded malls to see your crappy looking smells like he has been
drinking child molesting fake Kris Kringle figuring the kids will throw
a fit so the parents will have to spend all that money. so take your
HoHoHo and shove it up your holiday spirit and go back to hell with
the other demons. 

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night,

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey 


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