Congratulations, you have been nominated as a potential candidate for Texas State Artist –Poet Laureate

October 16, 2020


Richard M. Knittle, Jr.

Via e-mail


Dear Richard M. Knittle, Jr.,


Congratulations, you have been nominated as a potential candidate for Texas State Artist –Poet Laureate. This designation is the highest designation that the Texas Legislature gives in the arts. Texas State Artists serve one-year terms and represent the state’s artistic legacy. State Artists receive statewide recognition, and the designation provides a unique marketing opportunity.


As part of the selection process, evaluators will review your bio/resume and samples of your work. Below are the website links we received with your nomination:


If you are not satisfied with the links that have already been submitted, we are asking you to submit up to two substitute links you would like the selection committee to review by Sunday, October 25th. These can include one bio/resume link and one link to work samples (Please note: one link that shows multiple work samples is preferable to a link to just one work sample). The work sample can include links to video clips (such as YouTube) and audio files, as appropriate to the category you were nominated in and the work you produce. Please reply to this email to provide the information. Links to a website are much preferable to an attachment whenever possible. If you are sending files, please try to keep email attachments under 2MB so as not to clog up our inboxes. If you are less comfortable with technology, please contact me so we can discuss your materials and how best to get them to me.


The following link provides further information about the Texas State Artist program, including an FAQ: I will notify you as I have news about this process, but please be aware that it does take some time.


I hope this email finds you well during these bizarre times. Please forgive the generic form of this email and any others that follow it; my focus is on getting this news to all nominees quickly. I wish you all the best in the selection process. In the meantime, if I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.


If you do not wish to be considered for this honor, please reply to this email to let me know.





Anina Moore

Director of Communications

Texas Commission on the Arts


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