There are things in this life

There are things in life

There are things in this life that you can never get back
because once they are used they are lost forever to us
so be careful with how you use them if you are not they
will turn into regret and sometimes eat you up from the
inside. The first one is the word after it is said, the second
would be an opportunity after it is missed, and the third is
time after it is gone, and trust once it is lost. I know there
is more if you think about it but these are some at the top
of the list and in my mind the word is the number one
because after all, I am a poet so words come easily to me
but with that gift comes great responsibility for words can
kill they have started great wars, brought down entire
kingdoms, slaughter innocent lives, and much more they
can destroy relationships as they have several of mine
they can bring two people together than tear them apart
while healing them over time yet words can also help
heal, end battles, and bring significant change for the
better even worse sometimes, they can also be ignored,
wasted, twisted, misrepresented, and more, so at all costs,
you 'be very careful of how and why you use them and
at whom and what the reason is anytime you use the word..
ÑNext is the opportunity it is something we must be on the
lookout for because it comes along every day and there is
a good chance that you will never have another one if it
miss it. Now time is tricky because you can never go back
once it is wasted you will never get it back again, some
days you will have too much time on your hands yet you
can let it slip away others feel like you are just watching
time crawl then say where did the time go, it seems to be
to slow when you are young and yet the older we get the
faster time travels until our end so try to manage time the
best you can try not to let it get away from you and remember
this my friend time waits for no man or woman it is always
moving forward so do not be left behind. Next is huge it is
something that is so important to have in any relationship
it is a bond between humans that is given away for free but
is only given once and never again for once it is broken it is
a very sad thing to see yet you can earn it back and some
do but not many, so please do not blame anybody but yourself
for being dishonest and or cheating lying is another
way to lose it that will break trust faster than a speeding bullet
and if you're not careful, it may just end up in your chest
piercing your heart like the broken heart of the person whose
trust you have broken. Then when you are about to leave this
planet and you are looking back at your past you start to think
and shake your head because you remember all the time you
have wasted never getting the things done like you wanted to
do done while using the word on other people because you
missed an opportunity to make the world a much better place
while breaking the trust of all those you have ever loved and
that's why we are here now leaving this earth all alone with no
one around you to say goodbye or I love you, or even I will
miss you so please take heed of what I say because I have
wasted my whole life making the wrong decisions with the
wrong people missing out on opportunities to make myself
a better person and this world a better place to be and now
I go to my grave with deep sorrow and much regret it.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.


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