Secrets of love and lust

 Secrets of love and lust

What I love about you sweetheart is that you already
know that you are beautiful you have heard it a million
times before from every guy that you meet but you just
smile with a sexy grin and say thank you are very sweet
your humbleness comes from inside of you from the
same place all your real beauty rest I need you to know
That you are an exceptional woman God broke a mold
on you, that is for sure. Having beauty like you do both
on the inside and out is something extraordinarily remarkable
that makes you a very special woman in this world that
we now live that there is no doubt for wherever you may
go the darkness will run and hide because of the light that
shines from your sexy smile that I am missing very much. It
has been entirely way too long and I am looking forward to
seeing you again so I can look into your beautiful green eyes
that sparkle like emeralds out in the sun so I can see way
down deep inside of you and watch and listen to your
heart and soul telling their secrets of love and lust, and all
your wants and desires and even your hopes and dreams,
so that I can try to make them all come true for you so there
is no need for wasting your money making wishes on wishing
wells or your breath on shooting stars falling from the skies
when you already have somebody like this guy right here
standing right in front of you who loves you so much and
unconditionally and will until I can no longer love anybody
when I am buried six feet underground.
Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.


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