Here is to all the lonely people:

 Here is to all the lonely people:

Here is to all those lost and lonely people
who have lived their lives trapped in
a world of deep sadness while always
feeling as if they were all alone, no
matter what they were doing, where
they were, or who might be around,
whose cries for help every day go
unanswered, from their screams that make
no sounds, living somewhere in their
nightmares where all their hopes and
dreams will not be found.
Here is to all the lonely people who
have lived locked away somewhere
within their own minds caused by mental
illnesses where diagnosing is sometimes
hard to find.
Here is to all the lonely people who
live in agonizing pain, coming from
the scars of a broken heart that will
never be the same, who have lost a
war of finding love in the battles that
rage on. Searching their entire lifetime
just to find that love is just a lie
causing tears to fall to the ground
Here's to all the lonely people left behind
by love hurt broken afraid to reach out
for fear of being gaslit by their partner narcist
who cares nothing about them as he/she
constantly beats them down.
Here's to all the lost and lonely people who
gave everything they had by takers always
taking never giving back.
Here's to all the lonely and lost people do
not give up too soon for I am one of you
helping you to stand up
brush yourself off look in the mirror smile
and say I am not a loser I am a winner and
I refuse to be lost
or lonely anymore, then start to love yourself again
don't let those losers who hurt you win ever again you
ot this take one step at a time soon you will find someone
to begin to love again give it time for time heals everything
so does wine.
Here's to all the lost and lonely people raise up a glass,
it doesn't matter what you have in it as I propose a toast
we are all beautiful people who were lost but are now
found we have each other so we don't have to be lonely
any longer so get out there and mingle and meet don't give
up or give in to the hype instead if you need to let love give
in to lust and you will be all right salute..

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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