Married while Locked up

I guess we really did it huh? We went and got hitched,
tied the knot, hooked up, shacked up, coupled, merged
formed an alliance like star wars or not dear, had our
big day, become nuptials had a wedding and a marriage
ceremony I said I do you said it too then the preacher
said I now pronounce you husband and wife and
we kissed for like fifteen seconds when the guard
yelled Hey that's enough of that we shook our heads
I said that nobody will believe it and that was it we
were married, and I got the license to prove it. You looked
so hot with your hair all curled up and your face beautifully
made up wearing all white with those black strips with
and property of TDCJ in big bold letters stamped on the
back of it, we said goodbye I love you then they took you
back to your cell I smiled and yelled, you are so beautiful
I remember thinking what in the hell are you doing man
she is doing 3-5 years in state prison, why does it feel
like I am on a reality television series called married
while locked up, or we met through inmate dot Com,
but regardless I was happy then I had to walk to the
car slowly because I did not want to leave you behind
but then my phone rang it was you so I answered it how
do you feel Mrs. Knittle and you cried I already l miss you
and I said I love you too then like right away it started
all I remember was you telling this and that and me
saying I know that dear but but but yes dear are we didn't
dear yes dear I won't tell people dear yes dear I heard
What you said yes dear yes dear yes dear no dear thank
God the phone said you have one minute and then click
she ran out of minutes leaving me with a look of a
lost cow in a field of flowers, then I felt like I was back
in the military for a second and I was just a soldier and
you were my lieutenant barking orders before we went
into battle I got scared I started sweating my legs began
shaking I thought they were going to give out on me
my mind began racing, then my Ptsd started kicking in
then I started the car and drove all the way back home
all alone on what was supposed to be our wedding
night and honeymoon going to bed getting close with
a candlelight burning and soft music playing while were
staring into each other's eyes and doing what married
people do yup that's right I took care of myself in the
bathroom, it was just like in the movies well kind of just
but like real married guys do I was worn out and drifted off
to sleep I dreamed of you the whole night woke up smiled rolled over shook my head turned back over alone and
went back to sleep until you called, then I spent the next
few weeks doing what you asked me to and even still
today I'm doing honey do's while every time I try to have
a little phone fun time I get honey don't honey won't and
just plain no I thought yup I really am married spending my
time all alone having candle lights lit dinners for one
snuggled up at night when it is cold doing what I can to
get warm waiting for the phone calls that never come doing
things that couples do but it's no fun being one I look
forward every day to doing honey do's for you and hearing
honey don't for me just to try to make sure you are happy
because I still DO love you even if you DON'T love me as
you should and maybe it Is because you are alone and locked
up behind bars, and can't share your emotions but baby
it feels like I am in jail too in my little cell all alone the
the difference is you have other people to talk to and I
only talk to myself but I still miss you, after all, we are
still married and I can prove it, right? Hello can you hear
me? You only have one minute to speak. Click.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.


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