You know that lump on the back of your
throat you get when you know that when
you drop her off it will be the last time
you will ever say goodbye, wishing it would
have been different but knowing it was
the same, tired of all the games being played,
believing they were a friend or even
more ignoring all the signs, just giving
her a little more time it will be different
but it never is even someone you may have
known for a
very long time so what is so fucking wrong
with this world today people dying
more each day it seems as if this generation
is not gonna save the world they are
all to damn lazy to even get a job instead
living day by day begging everyone for
money drugs food and a place to stay never
paying for bills to busy frying their brains
with perks only looking for thier next fix
trying to pull all those licks stealing
anything they can lift lying about
everything they did do or done while the
girls are all looking for thier next tricks
what is going on with the world it seems
as if hell has opened its doors letting
go all their thieves addicts and whores
it makes me wanna board up the windows
and bolt all the doors I beg you please
somebody let me off Ozzies crazy train
as it has left its station filled with the
masters of malicious manipulations
narcissist of every shape of persuasive
perverted persuasion the bottom feeders of
corrupted corporate so called leaders
I feel like I am spinning out of control
going round and round looking all around
nothing to see but the destruction of
humanity stop stop stop hold on dammit
stop turn down that stupid music before I
throw up, everybody shut the fuck up,
time out would you please be quiet so I
can talk. thank you, now wait, let me
gather my thoughts. When I was
just a kid back when I was ten in nineteen
hundred and seventy six things were so much easier to me
do you all not agree? I have so many
questions yet nobody answers them
I feel out of sync just a few moments
off did I fall into a new reality is everyone
on TV are they only actors acting in a play
why is it so hard to sleep are they
controlling our minds to see watching us
act like mental patients who are laughing
at us hysterically smiling like they just won
the lottery, who? You know the ones
In washington DC. Our leaders that
care less about you and me only interested
in contributing to controlling us for
the new world order with all the conspiracy
theories maybe they are now a reality
I don't know about you but I want to go
back in time to when I was a teen knowing
what I know now stop doing drugs
and drinking alcohol get better grades
then I did and run for congress or
even the presidency so I could lock
away every political anyone I see
than throw away the key makes the
country the real home of the free so I
 could end this nonsense and go back to my
youthful Innocence back to our two
parent families with brother sister
mom and dad instead of creating addiction
how about we all support curing it instead
eradicate all the race hate how about we
educate instead and why not instead of
starting world Wars we just knock on
their door and introduce ourselves by
shaking their hands becoming best
friends instead leave religion alone it's
okay to pray to anyone you want then
turn away from greed and lust and let peace
win for once and love let it all flow the
Way God intended from everyone and
that's all I got left to say
Except can I get
A amen now I am done.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey 


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