Innocent eyes

Innocent eyes
Intimate moments like making love
I am afraid do not come along very
often for me, for I have not felt the
soft loving touch of a woman in I
cannot tell you for how long or a
kiss upon my lips to keep me
warm from the fires that will burn
even higher and hotter then the
sun or the moon, I go to sleep all
alone in a bed that was built to be big
enough for two as the only women
that I ever see are when I close my
eyes at night to fall asleep then
only waking up soaked in a pool of
sweat from all the heat of a
passion of you and I making love,
all night long wishing I could stay
never going home, then when I
wake up in the morning before the
coming of the dawn from a brand
new rising sun as I reach over just
to hold her then realize something
is wrong so I reluctantly turn my
head slowly just to find that nobody
is there, then once again I can feel
a the teardrops begin to form
remembering all of those beautiful
memories back in a time when I
once had it all, recalling all of the
many moments and the different
places while connecting those
names with their faces as a smile
begins to form then laughter
comes on then a sadness takes
over just as many tears start to
fall soaking the ground as they
splash all around causing many
thoughts to emerge of a new way
of understanding that throughout
my entire life upto and even now
what I have been searching for this
entire time I had already found a
long time ago it was never really lost
after all but somewhere at some
time I have forgotten somehow to
give love and receive it hold it
everyday to see love and love
watching them play, our children
are the reason love will never fade
away for when two people fall in
love come together whether or not
they stay or they go no matter
how long they are around does
indeed last forever through all of
the seeds that they sow for
almost every time that a brand
new love is born generations will
continue to carry on showing me
as I always say that love does live
on forever and you can see it in
the innocent eyes of every single
baby ever born.
Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.

A Poet's Journey 


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