Dedicated to someone I am missing very much tonight whom I wonder is she missing me too.


Your very essence is intoxicating to me causing
me to become drunk by your beauty as it is
always on my mind causing me to think about
every inch of your body as I undress you ever
so slowly while a blindfold covers your eyes, so
that as my pen drops the ink that now covers
you as it writes a story of what you do to me
starting on the back of your neck where my lips
start a journey of an unimaginable understanding
feeling your warm soft skin ever so gently kissing
the nape of your neck than ever so quietly whispering
all the words that tell you what is coming next
just as my hands come up from behind you exploring
your beautiful bare breast feeling them as they rise
and fall with your every breath while your nipples
become erect as my lips continue to tickle behind
your ear as you feel the tip of my pen brush up
against your lower back, causing you to let out a
loud sigh that heats the wetness between your
thighs which beckon my tongue to realize that
there is a better spot to be causing my body to
shake and even more to take in blood being
pumped from a pounding heart, causing my pen
to embark on a whole new verse that reads making
love to you is all I want to do from when the sun
goes down until it rises up again, then the night falls
and darkness is all around the stars' light our path
like fireflies on the sand and the moon begins
the glow showing us where we need to go as tears
and sweat fall from our bodies become one lost
in time, our hearts pounding hard, beating out the
melody of who and what we are while our souls are
holding on to the other's hand in hand dancing
through the naked skies where no one has ever
been searching for eternity through the ocean of
forever while we are here and now together until
the ink runs dry just like you and I become lost in
one another’s eyes paralyzed by all that we will
be at the precipice of our life, as you and I where
death has no meaning as life is the beginning where
the end never comes, and time believes in nothing
at all.
Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey
Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020 


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