Your heart mind or soul (which one would it be?) Part one

Your heart mind or soul
(which one would it be?)

Part one

When we are young I mean just a child we
do not think about getting old or even dying
only about going outside with all our friends
then playing as hard and for as long as you
can going to the park or playing with your
dolls riding your bike or getting muddy when
all the rains fall, then just a little bit later all
of a sudden you become a teenager learning
how to drive turning sixteen you believe that
you are invincible and will live forever just
like the sun that will rise up into the skies
every morning and the stars and moon who
will shine their twinkling light down upon you
will come out in the night , then you wake up
one day start looking back through all of your
past memories you start to wonder where did
all that time go? How did it slip away? Feels
just like yesterday, you went to bed and fell
asleep last night then when you woke up your
back was hurting so were your knees your
hair was thinning and your mustache was all
grey not quite sure how but I was turning the
big five ohhh just like that in the blink of an
eye I had already made fifty rotations around
the sun, your mind starts wondering where in
the hell has my life gone? What have I got to
show for it? What a have I done, I truly never
believed that I would live this long anyways
remembering when you were twenty thinking
that fifty seems so old and far away, you look
around all of your kids are grown they are to
busy to stop by or even call raising their own
families now, your aunts and uncles are no
more your parents cannot remember who you
are, people you knew are starting to go away
so you start wondering when is it going to be
your turn to pass as we look in the mirror letting
out a gasp at what we see shaking your head
in disbelief mouthing the words "Is that really
me?" all those wrinkles on your face and maybe
a second chin you look to see your perky breast
but they have lost their bounce hanging down
about a foot along with some other stuff as you
stare you start to notice how blurry it is not that
you wanted see all that anyways.

You see there are three basic reasons that
makes us human that are buried deep down
inside of us all, they carry the basic code or
genetic features of who and what we are and
shall become, they hold our feelings along with
human emotions you know the ones that cause
us to laugh cry hurt hate or even love they are
called our heart, mind, and soul and follow us
like a shadow wherever we go in life they are
a constant reminder of our humanity always
trying to save us from ourselves and all of the
insanity of this world and beyond, whispering
secrets constantly between themselves yet
rarely agreeing on anyone or anything which
will sometimes cause your mind to go just a
little bit crazy at times convincing your heart to
lie about this or that and or break into a million
pieces or your soul to become very lonely or
go insane from feeling all the pain that this life
we all live can sometimes cause, but, what
would we do without them, and that is where
the question lies, which is "When we get old
and it is our time to go, which one goes first
or do they all go at the same time if you had
to choose between the three heart mind or
soul which one would it be?

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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