DO you remember too?

Do you remember too?

The sun is out and shining not a
drop of rain in sight children are
outside playing flying different
colored kites couples holding
hands while walking down the
street whispering quietly to each
other smiling waiting for the night
flowers are blooming everywhere
spreading color across the globe
just like the beautiful rainbows
after a springtime thunderstorm
Friends are making plans for
destinations unknown, filled with
alcohol, white sanded beaches,
wearing nothing more than smiles
dancing underneath the stars
knowing what love is in my heart
yet having nobody to love or hold
memories flowing from the past
back when I was living in a much
different world looking out the
window to an emptiness that I
now see with streets devoid of
cars or people cruising down the
streets how long has it been since
the sickness came to be the one
called the Corona virus or COVID
nineteen was it nature who evolved
it causing man's new fate or was
man playing God again unleashing
the fury of hells evil hate are we
on the brink of ending the time of
mankind or standing on the
precibus of humanity's final stand
are we the victim of someone's
experiment that went terribly
wrong or are we the perpetrators
of all the hate and violence from
our ignorance of understanding
peace and love is it that we are
doomed to live in fear of ending up
In our own living hell has heaven
closed its gates with the last ring
of Saint Peter's sinners bell have
we been judged by a jury of angels
we once knew have our souls been
sentenced to me and you do you
Remember a better time in your
life or like me have forgotten too.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
The end of a Poet's Journey


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