Conversation with God and the Devil: Helping to heal a broken world.

This is one of my favorites and although it is long, it really does have meaning I hope you enjoy reading it as I have writing these words.

I finally found myself on the precipice of greatness, yet still hanging off the edge of insanity.

This is part one of my epic mini tale called:

 Conversations with God and the Devil: Helping to Heal a Broken World

I Saw God 

I saw God just the other day and as she was walking
by me I stopped and looked at her and asked,

”So how is life high up above?"

but she just looked at me turned and shook her head
so, I said to her

“God, it will be okay I just know in my heart that 
soon we will all get it right one of these days.” 

She stopped right in her tracks then she slowly 
turned around looked me up and down while
she stared like she looking right through me 
must have been for a just minute maybe even 
two then a smile ever so slightly broke out across 
her beautiful face, she took a very deep breath 
and she said to me, 

“You know what, I was just looking down from 
my home high above just the other day and a 
very deep sadness filled me up from the inside 
because of all the violence and hate that is 
everywhere I can see down here on earth it was 
like I was only watching the news on what you 
call the television, I mean I could not believe 
that humans are hating each other all because 
of the color of your skins? Do you not all under
-stand that you are all from me I created you in 
my image and you all are of one kin. Humans 
lying, killing, hurting, and stealing from each 
other and for what? All for greed, it seems with 
all the wars and murder all in religions name," 
She shook her head and with a smirk said now 
stand back and just think about that, really? 
killing another human being all In my name?
I gave you all pure love in your hearts and 
the brains to help one another out, and trees
that are filled with all kinds of fruits and 
animals like cattle and chickens for meat 
and even fire to cook with and to keep you 
warm on those cold and rainy days and tools 
so you could build shelter and that is all you 
really need, I send new souls with babies
that are being born every day who are all filled 
with nothing but innocence and pure love to 
spread around, but all humans now do is teach
all about hate and violence against each other 
with your looks or how you sound.
I will tell you the truth I have all but given up 
hope because I am starting to believe 
what that pain in my butt the devil says when 
I beat him at cards every Tuesday night he is
always saying “that no matter what I do it will 
never be enough.” You have taken me out of 
all the schools now where prayer would help 
teach the children all the golden rules 
you have turned religion into wars and turned 
churches into banks to fulfill all our greed and 
more. Now there are babies dying more than 
ever before they are even born you all have 
children that are living on the streets and they are 
cold and all alone with nothing to eat or drink, I 
was afraid that saving you all now was just too 
much of harrowing feat, and to be honest I 
was just about to throw in the towel and 
admit my ultimate defeat, until just at the moment
you said hello to me, it took me by surprise since 
not many people recognize or even talk to me 
anymore, so I decided that I would take a look at 
you first from the inside, I smiled because you 
are filled with nothing but my love in your kind 
heart, I found that there is no hate or even violence 
inside of you that I could see, you even fought a war 
against hate-filled with my love and all for the 
love of your son a little boy who is not even your 
DNA. You teach love every day and spread peace 
with the ink that you spill all around the world
with the words that shall heal this broken world. 
I want to thank you because now I know that like 
you there are many more with nothing but love
to be found." Then she started to glow, so I stood 
there with tears in my eyes and I said as I cried 
then fell down to my knees and said ”God all of the
strength and hope to fight I got from you and yes 
there many like me who are down here that still 
do love you, We are all trying hard to fight back 
against the prejudices and all the hate we just 
hope that it is working and we all pray every day 
It is not too late. God please we need you more 
right now than at any time other before so
please do not give up on our kind quite yet for our
numbers are growing every day all of the time, we 
will take back this world with you in heart and 
in our minds.” Then I smiled and I kissed God right 
on the cheek and I started to walk away, I wanted 
to say one more thing but when I looked back she 
was already gone except for a bright beautiful ray 
of light the same one that fills my heart and soul 
the same one that gives me the strength and the 
hope to continue this epic fight to fix our broken
world and I will continue to spill my ink hoping that
someone anyone will listen from right here today 
until that day that I see her again at heaven’s gate.

This is part two of Conversations with God and 
the Devil.

I Talked to the Devil 

I talked to the Devil just the other day and I asked 
him a few questions just to see what he would have 
to say, I said to him “Hey Devil it has been long while 
since we spoke last but I can see that the wound 
healed nicely where I had beat your ass."
He stopped and he turned around too looked at me
and with his evil grin, he started rubbing his wound 
and said with a snarl and few cuss words thrown in 
"Hurry up I do not have all day for the likes of you 
stupid, I started to run towards him when he laughed
said "I was only kidding what are the questions 
Richard that you wanted to ask?" 
So I thought for just a minute and took a breath 
and I stepped back lifted my fist ready for a
fight, you see in my life I have fought many times
with the Devil and all the demons that he sends, 
and the one thing that I do know is that Devil will 
never stop or give up trying to beat you until the 
very end, so I said “hey Devil why do you need to 
be so damned mean? Have you seen what our 
broken world now looks like? Hell believe me It 
is one ugly scene. I mean take a good look 
around you got us all fighting over the color of 
our skins and no matter how much we try to stop 
the ignorance it just never will end.
We got wars breaking out now all over the world 
and all in the name of religion that has now killed 
more men, woman, and children than all other 
wars in our history combined, can you imagine 
hat? Is that not damn silly? I mean killing others
in religion's name, then I shook my head and I 
said well it is at least in my mind. Now we have 
pandemics spreading around the world infecting 
everyone and it is killing folks not a cure around 
nobody knows where it really came from but 
they do have a name for it called COVID 19, 
Then we got people dying every day with HIV 
and cancers and other deadly diseases and 
we have pharmaceutical companies who can 
cure them but won’t because they want all the 
research monies that they are given, then we 
have your greatest weapon yet we call it 
an Addiction and it is your crown jewel I bet, 
for it infects everyone and even children too in 
fact, it has even infected me several times in 
the past, and many others that I knew.
Then I started to think about all the friends and 
family that I lost to addiction and I got really mad. 
So just as I did several times before in my past
I raised my Fist and started swinging and I said 
“Hey Devil get ready to hurt again because 
I am going to beat your ass down and throw you 
out the door and this time I am not playing 
I promise you, Devil, this beating will be your last.”
He jumped back real fast and he screamed just 
like a Little school girl and he said ”Wait, wait a 
minute, please I have something that I need to say”
so I said “than say it now If not you just might 
want to pray” So He took a minute and he started to 
cry and shook his head and then he said with tears 
streaming down his cold black eyes ”I really wish 
that I could take all the credit for how your world 
has turned out believe me when I say that I think 
it is wonderful that is no doubt but you see killing 
others in the name of religion that was never really 
me all those killings were by man, not by me, just 
open your eyes and take a look and you will see, 
and all that hate and violence just because of
the color of a man’s skin that is all man once again
because of all his fears that man feels and man's 
fears never will end.” The pandemic wow I always 
wanted this to happen but I am afraid poor Richard
this was all man trying to play God and it out of hand,
then I could see that the Devil was hurting
when he started to say with a half-witted laugh
”Now addiction I really think that one is great 
because there is no one in any world or on any plane 
that is safe, and that includes me from the 
infection that it spreads so damn fast infecting 
everyone and in every home across all the oceans 
and every land. I mean just take a look down in Hell 
it has been full for quite a long while” then he looked 
down with deep sadness as he frowned before he 
said ”I really wish that idea was mine but no no no
addiction is the greatest of all evils was created
by man. 
My job has been very easy for many years now
since man learned his own evil ways, I never have to 
work long hours anymore so now I only work two 
days.” I looked at the Devil with a crazy look In my 
eyes as tears filled the Devils pitch-black eyes and
I noticed that he was looking so old and very tired
he also looked a lot smaller than normal as the 
flames that surrounded him now were no big than 
lighter flame In size and just as he turned around 
to walk away I started realizing what he had said was 
all true and I know he had not lied when he said 
that man is now the root of all evil on this earth 
causing all of our own problems from the beginning 
of our time until our very end from all the wars and 
the violence that we now see everywhere we look 
and all the hate that the eye can see, to the greed 
that rules most corporations now that breed the
situations with child laborers in all the third world 
country's making pennies a day. We have whole families 
that are living on the streets with the children going 
hungry they have no good food to eat or even anything 
to drink, Wages are going down and prices are all 
going up, there are no jobs for anyone, and I think 
the world now has all but given up I really think that 
It is time we all need to open our eyes and take 
a very damn good look around and maybe just maybe 
we then can all start realizing that we need to stop 
what we are all doing and help one another to fix our 
broken world we all need to start caring about others 
and not just ourselves and we need to change
our evil ways or one day we will all wake up and it will 
all be gone and then perish from this world in maybe just
a few short years or even months so open your eyes 
people and stop blaming the devil for all of our problems, 
he is nothing more than just a figment of our
Imaginations and it is time that we come together as 
one race the human race all citizens of the earth help 
heal our broken and sick world.

This is part three of “Conversations with God and 
the Devil.”

The final deal

Just as the Devil started shuffling
and dealing the cards all the while
mumbling under his breath to
himself about how everyone was
cheating and that he should be
the one who was winning as he was
giving everyone the evil eye with that 
damn evil grin of his. Then stopping 
right at me and trying to stare me down
and all pissed off because of our
past experiences, I went ahead and
I took that chance and looked up for
a very quick glance around the table
curious just so that I might see
who else was here, sitting in tonight
for this epic poker game, I started
shaking my head and thinking to
myself, "yes indeed this will be a
most interesting game," because 
sitting on my right was God, and if I
do remember our long conversation
when I saw her just last week,
it was actually supposed to be her
turn to host the game but she had
asked me if I would for my very first
time, all because since her and the
Devil got that really mean and nasty
divorce in a different place and 
different time, there is always some
kind of big huge fight going on, for
example, do you all remember that
huge flood? Yup that's right, so the
Devil is not allowed around up In
heaven anymore. So when they both
invited me at different times to play
poker on Tuesday night, I just had to
say yes, I mean I believe just about
anyone would want to come over
and see this site, tell me if I am
wrong, but I know that am right? 
anyway, before I go on and on, to her 
left was a man I had met at one time
before, he was a great man, an
actor, and our President at one time
before, his name was Ronald W.
Reagan, then on my left was a man
by the name of Buddha, so of
course I asked him If I could rub his
belly for luck. Buddha says, "oh my
Richard luck is what you make it,
I believe that hard work is the best 
way, peace be with, my friend", just 
then the Devil laughed out loud
while rolling his pitch-black eyes,
and that is when Mr. Reagan chimed
in "oh brother, let's not start that
again, Devil just be quiet and deal
the damn old cards, you weasel, so I
can win." To his left was someone
who I never saw before, but I did
have a very strange yet scary
feeling that we had talked more
than a few times before,
somewhere back in my past, and
even though he never said a thing, I
could clearly hear his every word that,
he was saying, right then it hit me 
and I got a big chill because I had
remembered that I have escaped
Death several times before, then he 
looked straight at me and said
"what are you staring at?" So I
looked the other way real fast. Just
then I started really thinking to
myself that maybe this world would
be better off playing poker once a
week, I mean think about it, if we
could get all of the leaders together
in a poker match, then while they
are playing the game they could sit
there while drinking an ice-cold beer
and talk about war and peace, religious 
freedom, feeding the world wide famine, 
all the while, the music was jamming 
then sort things out like real men are 
supposed to do, we would have no more 
raping and killing, and world peace might 
just have a chance to breakthrough. 
Then, just as our game was ready to
begin, there was a very loud
knocking, no it was more like a
banging with a lot of loud screaming
saying "Ronnie Reagan you had
better not be in there" then the door
burst open and standing there was
Mrs. Nancy Reagan with a look that
could probably kill, and I got scared,
then when I turned back around I
had found, that Mr. Regan was long
gone, he had somehow managed to
slip-on out unseen right through the
back door, right then God gave me 
a little wink and very sly smile and the
Devil, of course, stood up and lied he
said "Mrs. Reagan I swear that we
haven't seen him here all night." so
she turned around slamming the door. 
We all laughed for quite a little bit
and we talked about this and that, 
while the game continued all night
into the next day, till about half-past
four, when the only ones left at the table
was myself and Death for one last
deal. We both had two aces that
were showing, while I had the king
of hearts and spades left, that was
not showing in my tired and
trembling hand. Death said with 
absolutely no emotion showing "
now this is very interesting why
don't we up the ante one last time
and see who wins. God then looked
right at me and said, "I don't think
that really is a very good idea." So
the Devil said "Why, what's the
matter Richard? Are you a chicken."
Buddha who was unusually quiet
said with a yawn "I wish I could stay
to see this but I am really tired so I
need to get to bed.” Then said
"peace be with your friends." 
and gone he went. So, I thought to
myself for a few minutes then I
asked "what do you have in mind?"
Death said, "how many times have
you escaped me in your life thus
far?" So I started counting while
stopping on just one hand "oh, I do
believe about four or five times."
Death said "okay, then if I do win
then you won't have a sixth time,
and tonight it will all end." The Devil
started laughing so hard he started
to cry while rolling on the ground
like he was a little kid, until God
jumped up looked right at him with
fire in her eyes then said in a very
calm and collected voice "This is
why Devil, why don't you grow up for
once in your miserable life?" Shook 
her head, then she said "Now get up
off the floor and act like an adult." then
quietly sat back down, looked at me
and said smiled "It is up to you my
dear friend but, I can promise you
this there will be no cheating going 
on" as she then looked back at the 
Devil and said with a firm smile "Does 
everyone here understands?" The Devil 
looked at Death and then we all looked at
each other then we all shook our
heads. God said "okay fine then,
let's all take a quick break then
Richard can make a decision and 
Death can tell him what he gets if 
he wins so if you win you can go back 
and spend seventy-two hours with 
anyone you wish who has died ever 
before I thought about it then we all 
sat back at the table, God said give 
me those cards, she looked at me 
and said Richard you know where 
you will go back to heaven with me, 
but remember I still need you down 
there. So, I said go ahead and deal, 
Death said wait who do you 
choose to visit? I smiled a said.

To be continued.

This is part four of “Conversations with God and 
the Devil.”

The end of the war

The thoughts going through my
head right at this very moment
was what day is it? Tuesday late
night or have we played until
Wednesday I really could not tell
it was like time stood still here
Where ever I was anyway, here I
am still wondering how in the
hell did I get here in the first place 
with God, The Devil, Death,
and Buddha, not to mention
someone I had looked up to
and served under on the military
President Ronald Reagan who
unfortunately left early out the
back door in a hurry and nobody 
had seen him since. But I am
quite sure that he is back at the
ranch doing chores for his wife
Mrs. Nancy Reagan I just shook
my head remembering how it all
started when I saw God about
two weeks ago then I had talked
to the Devil and now there was
one draw left between me and
death with all eyes on me, so I 
said "Death you do not scare me
I know where I am going when I
die, God smiled like a proud
parent besides I was ready to
go a long time ago but God kept
saving me, so yes I will take this
bet on one condition" The devil
jumped up screaming "no no that 
is not the bet I am tired of
you always getting through by
her Grace and Glory that bitch," 
it got very quiet I looked over at
God she had fire in her eyes and
looked like she was ticked off
I had to laugh when she reached
back and swung at the devil 
connecting right in the middle of
his face and poof he was gone
just a smell of Sulphur and some
smoke She turned back got her
composure straightened her
hair took a deep breath of air "I 
sent that piece of charcoal , back 
down to hell, I am sorry yale
had to see that, I am against
violence and fighting so I just
cast him out of here as I have
done from almost everywhere
we play poker, The devil won't be
back tonight so let's finish this
game I have some evil to smite
and a baby shower and a funeral" 
it was so quiet you could just hear 
the sound of silence everywhere. 
Then death said quietly but you can 
tell timidly" so, I was shaking a 
little scared and I think I even might 
have wet myself a little I looked over
God was back to normal I looked 
at death and said "please forgive me 
for I have sinned many times in my 
life" she said with a smile Richard 
my son died for your sins so forget 
it and she placed her hand on my heart 
I was no longer afraid I turned and 
said to death "I have learned that life 
is a gamble every single day, we 
make decision that will decide our 
next move in life, so I will play this 
game and if I lose you win I will let 
you take my last breath and if I win 
I get to talk to any one person that 
had ever lived correct?" Death hissed 
"yes and what's the condition?", I
said that you give me one week
before I die so I can say goodbye 
to my boys and family", Death said 
"fine I waited this long, one week then 
your mine.," God said "if there is any 
cheating death I will resurrect your 
mother in law and ex-wife and I will 
remarry you which I can do and you 
will be with her forevermore," Death 
looked as if he was going to be sick, 
"well then umm maybe we should 
uh I mean can we get a new deck 
of cards right now?" At that very 
moment with a big booming voice 
"Here use these" it was President
Ronald Reagan and threw them right 
at me, I caught them in one hand and 
said thank sir and saluted because 
I had done that once before, he put his 
hand on my shoulder and said "Good luck
son that deck cards I have had since 
George Bush and I played the night we 
were elected, and even when we whooped 
Saddam Hussein's ass," he said "son war 
is hell and that is where it comes from and 
that is where it should stay, but the problem 
is not just evil or the devil or anything like 
that we as humans feel the need to always 
be in charge we fight for survival we fight 
for freedom we fight for the right to fight 
we have fought against each other since 
Adam and Eve, all for power and greed and 
oil, and weapons of mass destruction that 
was probably some kids toy gun but just 
the same, we need to all put aside race and 
religion gender and tradition and start looking 
at what is the most important what we have 
inside." He smiled and said, "do you get it?" 
I thought about it for several minutes and 
said yes I do, so I turned to the Death and 
said sorry not today I need to go, God smiled 
and she closed her eyes death was furious 
but before he could say a word standing next
to him was his mother in law yelling at him 
so he turned and ran as fast as he could 
with her right behind him, then Her and I 
laughed so hard I fell down on the floor it 
was dark I looked around I was dazed I 
must have had a dream and fell out of the 
bed, I thought all of this was just a dream 
God, the Devil, Death, Buddha, President 
and Mrs. Reagan. I smirked crawled back 
in bed said my prayers and went back to 
sleep, I never even noticed that deck of 
cards on the night stand until the morning, 
the card showing was the queen of hearts 
so I drew mine, I laughed and laughed then
went to put it back in the pack but it slipped 
out of my hand then fell on the ground face 
up, would you believe it I just shook my 
head looked down again just to see that it
was the joker showing.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey
A twice nominated Texas 
Poet Laureate nominee 


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