Are we really the master?

Are we really the master of?

I have always said that blood or
DNA does not always mean family
and really is not that much thicker
then water I mean take a damn good
look at me, I am the epitome of a
excommunicated proverbial
black sheep of the family and to
tell the truth I am very honored that
I am thought of that way, and even
Ryder whom I fought an all-out war
over and whom the world knows me
as his father regardless of who his
sperm donor is, so I sit back start to
really wonder are we really the captain
of our own ship? Do we really navigate
through our own time and space?
Are we the true masters of our own
fate? Or is our life already predestined
and no matter what we say or do
it will end up the same anyway,
what do you think is it luck or fate? Or
could it be something else entirely
all together? Then I began to think
about how we all turn out in life there
are some very good some pretty bad
while others are happy yet some
are sad, then some of us die young and
others live hard and long but all in all,
I do say, does it really matter, because
it is all just a huge gamble just like a
throw of the dice in Las Vegas standing
at the craps table, where I have been many
times in my lifetime, and have always
crapped out but think about it for a few
minutes is it our faults how bad we may
turn out? I mean from the beginning
we are all born to fail, here is what I mean
I or we I should say did not have a
choice to the parents from who we are
really born to or even where it may be that
they call home nor do we have a say if
we want to be a boy or a girl well I should
say that we can now choose later in this
day and age or even the color of our skin and
I do not recall the choice of being fat or
skinny or even short or tall the color of our
eyes or hair color and nobody asked us
what city, state, or country that we would
like to be from, the language that you are
taught or the religion that we are raised,
nope, in fact, nobody asked us anything at
all, I mean there we were floating around in
the warm waters just listening to the soft
voices of our mother and father and the
soothing beat of our mother's heart, sleeping,
eating, and not a worry in our entire little
world then without any kind of warning we
get evicted while being squeezed, pulled,
and pushed out through little place that we
spend the rest of our lives trying to get
back into or keeping guys like me out of
depending on your gender coming out to
freezing cold and way to a bright world
full of hate, anger then slapped for absolutely
nothing while still trying to take a breath
and learn to breathe, and always starving,
while needing to pee, so we scream as loud
as we can stare at all of the strange people
and hearing voices we have never heard
speaking in a language that we cannot begin
to understand, but wait, hold on as we hear
a familiar sound trying so hard to open our
tiny eyes feeling a little better all wrapped
up now so warm and tight as we are handed
around the room in a circle like a joint or maybe
something else, hey come on no bogarting me
as the voice we know is getting louder than
finally after what seemed like an eternity we
are placed on her, the one, and look up and
stare right back at mom and try to smile, but
only letting out some gas so the smile gets
even bigger and start to listen again to the
beating of her heart rocking back and forth
feeling just a little bit like the day before
ignoring all the others knowing she is our
mother sucking on her udder and then fall
asleep to dream, and that will be the
easiest time of your life because if we are
extremely lucky you might be born into
money with a silver spoon in your mouth
and everything, but please try to remember
money cannot buy you love, so if not, that
is okay too as long as you have a loving
family so if you are not too happy with how things
are right now to try and remember that there
is always someone else who has it worse
then you, like being born into slavery or a
war riddled county or no parents at all, so
basically what it boils down to is this we are
only here on this rock for a very short time
in the grand scheme of all things so just try
to be happy and get along with everyone
and try to remove hate because it will make
your time here that much more miserable you
do not need money to be happy or famous
like an actor or a rockstar just try to inspire at
least three people then they will inspire three
people and when it is over at the very least
you left this place a little better than when
you got here.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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