Land of the lonely

Land of the lonely
(Where depression calls its home)

Running from all the darkness
while searching for the light,
looking for the truth in a
world that is so full of lies,
always fighting the demons
that we all create inside,
seeking out the others to
find out where they hide,
looking for true love in
a place that love has gone,
trying hard to spread the
word of joy and peace in
a land where wars rage on,
waiting for the sunshine
where the night begins and
ends, fighting back the
teardrops that seem to
never end, hoping to find
some happiness when
loneliness is the king,
where sorrow is the child
of regret who is now the queen,
looking up at the cloudless
skies as thunderstorms
rain down, as lighting lights
the clear blue skies while
the thunder hides its roar,
climbing up a mountain
while falling to the ground,
screaming out for help yet
making not a sound, standing
in a crowd of people yet
feeling all alone, while
getting lost in a foreign
land in the bedroom of your
home, sleeping through the
days and nights while
the nightmares never end,
watching while your dreams
all die as all your hope now
begins to end  falling even
further down in a cold dark
hole all alone somewhere in
the land of the lonely where
depression calls its home.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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