I may not know

I may not know a whole lot about anything and I know
not what I am doing most of the time and no matter how
long I have tried or even how hard I will never know 
a damn thing about woman or life that's all I need to say
but I do know money can never buy you love and 
I know that I should not think about all that 
I had lost back in the past or even the things today 
that I do not have while worrying about the 
very few that I do, especially knowing already 
that they will never last anyways for very long,
so what I need to really do in my life is to try very 
hard to always remember that the only things 
that ever should really matter are all of our 
precious memories along with all of those 
people who have somehow or in some way no 
matter how much or even little touched our hearts 
who will until forever ends always live deep down within 
our souls becoming just a little bit a part of who 
I am or who we are to take with us into all of the 
eternity while the sands of time go on all the 
while giving praise to way high up above to God 
and all his glory for giving me or you all the hope 
and strength that we will ever need to go on in 
this life moving forward no matter what may 
come along, never giving up on any of your 
dreams or anything or anyone whom you love. 
Material things no matter how much they cost or 
how little it was or how many hours you worked 
for them, unlike a life or spending precious time 
with your husband, child, or wife can always be 
replaced it is not a race to collect how much you 
can so yes "he who at the end who has the most will 
win" but only when it comes to love do you understand? 
so try and love everyone that you can, do not judge
anyone you do not know where they have come 
and try to forgive those who have done you wrong
for they do not know what they do, so reach out 
and try to help everyone in any way you know-how
hand in hand until the whole world and I mean 
every single father, mother, uncle, brother, aunt, 
sister and child, are all holding each other's  hands 
together as one race the human race and all are 
citizens of this planet we call earth.

To all of those who have stood behind me in my fight for Ryder and the battles we fight every day and any and all who are my fans and readers you are family to me who have touched my heart in love, peace, and understanding thank you for being a part of who I was yesterday, the man I am right now today and whomever I will be tomorrow for as every single drop of ink that I have spilled whether it be for anger, love, hate, guilt, joy, happiness, hope, despair or sorrow was written down on paper out of depression, PTSD, hurt, anger, and all of the pain that I have endured of every kind so I could start to heal and so all of you would not need to and know that I have walked down the same paths been through darkness survived every storm just know that you are never alone for I am right there by your side. 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey 


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