Broken Glass

Broken Glass

I am haunted by painful memories
of demons in the shattered fragments,
I still remember my littered past,
living in my nightmares through the
dreams they now all cast watching
shadows as they dance around me on the
walls of this empty home, being cast
by the burning fires that are
still completely out of control for
a rage of passion wanted that was never
known, listening to the silence of
the teardrops as they fall from the
absence of joy or laughter that
never makes a sound, looking for a hint
of light knowing that only darkness is
around, where life once lived death now
follows consuming everything that abounds
while the voices in my head get louder
causing chaos to ensue confusion
in my mind of right or wrong starts causing
me to sin, as ink now spilled drips with blood
from the sharp tip of my pen, walking
down the dirty streets just waiting for
the end hoping to find some proof of life
finding only regret and sorrow deep into
the night in a world of dying used to be's
or what might have been, filled with
heartbeats that no longer
beat the melody of love with punctured
veins flowing filled with poppy seeds and dope
a hazy smoke now fills the air that
smells of death and doom as people who
still believe in words like truth and love
are lost upon the empty shores nowhere
to be found lost forever in a world of broken
glass and dreams never born.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr
A #Poets Journey


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