The Meek

The Meek

Have you ever just been stuck somewhere in
a sticky situation needing help or even salvation where nobody at all seems to be around with no
place you can turn? It kind of feels like you are
sitting all alone in the classroom all by yourself 
taking your exams while failing all of the lessons
that you have learned 
in life or maybe like you
are trapped like a drowning rat on sinking ship
somewhere in the middle of the night lost on a
foreign ocean that is going down? Maybe even
feel like you are only just a hamster who is caught
in a tiny cage on a spinning wheel while you are
always running around and round getting nowhere?
Even waking up in the very early morning in an
unfamiliar place looking all around you and have no
clue while you try remembering how you got there 
wondering where you really are then screaming out
a lonely desperation yet making not a sound?
Have you ever felt that the world was closing in
around you so much so that it felt like it was hard
for you to breathe, choking,
and gasping for air
while waiting for the end to come while falling
down to your knees? Looking up to the sky and
asking God please when will it all 
finally end,
thinking to yourself that we are only human
how much can we take we only have bones 
that will break,.Have you ever been so lonely
that you start to talk to the voices that are coming
from within your head or make believe that your
loved ones are sitting down at with you at a table
having conversations even though they are dead
and gone? Does it feel like to you that no matter
what decisions in your life that you ever make,
the other choice was always better no matter how l
ong you took to debate? Well if you shook your
head yes to agree then you are very much not
alone, life down here on this rock is hard no matter
who you are, it is just 
something that we ourselves need to eventually learn, so when you feel like
giving up on life, raising the white flag, and throwing
in the towel always remember just one single thing
before you do anything like suicide at all, there is
always somebody else out in the world who is in
worse shape than you, so get down on your knees
put your hands together and pray for it to get better
for they say that God will only give us what we can
take and nothing more at all and if you open up your
heart to him he will give you the hope and strength,
to get through 
even the worst of storms still standing upright on our feet so please try and remember that
it is not strong who shall inherit this earth......
"Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth"

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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