Love the meaning of

Love the meaning of.

We, well what I really
mean is as in the English
language have only have
one word for love while
the Greek has at least four
which are agápe, éros, philía,
and storage as you can plainly
see, even others countries spell
love different but all means the
same so here is little test tell
me what country uses
what word for love and
write it down for me, Liefde, Amor, Ljubav, Laska, Kaerlighed,
did you get them all? Well if
you did then you are a
love scholar and get
much love from me.
Love can be such a very
fragile thing yet can hold the strength of an army as fight
for love to be
and of course anywhere
in between, love has so
many meanings that I
believe it really should
be more than one word
that try to explain just
what love means, for
example love is not only
a miracle that can put back
all the pieces of a heart that
has been broken all apart like
a jigsaw puzzle left outside
after hurricane while healing it
so that it begins to beat again
without ever doing a
thing, it can also bring out
the warmth and the
sunshine shining all
around when it is a cold
wet winters day or it can
cause the rain to start
bringing with it the
dark clouds and thunder
out of nowhere like today, love
can be a first kiss and the very
last one you will ever feel
, it could be a heartbreak your
first time and or last
either way they hurt just
the same it can be your first
love you know the
one you remember most
or it could the last love in this
life that you would ever know, love could be the puppy or kitten
that is nibbling at your nose or
a baby that is just being born
as you hold it against so very close, you have the love of child
that is so innocent as he looks
up into your eyes and you just
know or the love of a mother
for her son or daughter or her husband even her mother and
father and grandparents
and vice versa in different order
If, and, or, otherwise anyway
you get the picture, even the love
that some people have  of a
sport like the
very first pitch at game
of your favorite team mine is
the Los Angeles Dodgers in
the spring or even love of a football team like the Dallas Cowboys that can sometimes
get too extreme, love has many meanings, different feelings
and emotions for just one word,
love is as it always was and will
be what it is from the beginning of all time until the end of all
eternity, love is wonderful when
you hold it in your arms saying
those three powerful little words
I love you and all the will bring
love hurts when walks away
causing hate to rear its head
because  of a world that is not
in loves vocabulary called jealousy. Love is kind and gentle
never bringing pain or at least
the kind that leave black eyes
only heartache to the extreme,
anyways I think I spilled
enough ink on this subject of
love to bring you some clarity
and as far as love goes I hope
that one day love finally finds

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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