The Battle Lost: Ryder's Birth Ten Years

 Well, it has been ten years since I wrote my first book, It was a whopping fifty-four pages with bad grammar misspelled words no punctuation but it has been on Amazon's top ten Epic Poetry (Free) in the Kindle Store for ten years. Ryder is now Eleven years old it really was an epic battle personally and in a Parker County, Texas courtroom. DNA does not matter if you love that child enough and I Proved that.

Actually, Attorney Bethel T. Zehaie Proved it, she fought a great fight with the skill and knowledge of a seasoned lawyer and the ferociousness of a lioness protecting her young with the heart of an angel.

Ten years ago,

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As of Today,

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The Battle Lost: Ryder's Birth Kindle Edition
by Richard M Knittle Jr. (Author)


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