Here is to all the lost and lonely people.

Here is to all the lonely people:

Here is to all of those lost and lonely people
who have been living their lives trapped in a
world of darkness in a deep sadness with
the feeling as if they were all alone, no matter
what they were doing, where they are, and who
it is that may be around, whose cries for help
go unanswered, every single night and through
out the day coming from all of their cries and
screams that never make any sounds, the ones
who are living somewhere in their nightmares
where their hopes and dreams will never be found,
here is to all the lost and lonely people who have
lived locked away while chained within their own
minds caused by some sort of mental illnesses
where diagnosing is sometimes hard to find. Here
is to all the lost and lonely people who live in a
agonizing pain twenty-four hours a day coming
from all the scars of a broken heart that will never
be the same, who have lost a battle of finding love
in loves war that rages on. Searching their whole
lifetime just to find that love is just a lie causing
tears to fall to the ground here's to all the lost and
lonely people who go out of their way to give every
one everything they have who are always the ones
answering their phones never saying no and going
out of their way every day for those people that
will never give them back anything in return. Here's
to all the lost and lost and lonely people that are there
for anyone that asks yet is always sitting alone at
home all by themselves, with nobody there for them.
Here's to all the lost and lonely people who to this
day want to believe there are still good people in the
world who get a taste of reality whenever they leave
their home trying hard to find a reason they should
keep on trying to save humanity while humanity is
only trying to kill itself here is to all the lost and
lonely people who, despite how they have been treated
beaten down, bruised lied to cheated on ripped
off abused and laughed at and used who still
every single day wake up every single morning
believing that they will still find the one who will help
carry their baggage while helping them to heal finding
the meaning of what love is, at least I am hoping
and praying someday soon I will.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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