who am I

Who I am? 

Who am I are the thoughts 
that are always running
through my mind searching
my whole life everywhere
I could but only more damn
questions is all I ever find, I
know my name that is for sure 
I mean unless I was actually accidentally maybe might have
been you never know switched 
at birth, I know who my family 
is at least most the time, yet
there is nagging questions that fills me up from the inside as if
my heart and my soul are always
getting confused causing me to
always run yet there  is never any
place to hide from me, so who 
am I? I know that I am an addict 
and I will always be, at one time
addicted to drugs and alcohol
now just relationships that are
very harmful to the person who is
me, I have been a father to my
four sons albeit not a very good,
one that I admit and I have been 
a son to my father who always thought I would not amount to
anything at all and a brother to my little sister and brother and even a mother fucker yet I keep searching for who and where I 
am supposed to be, so I looked 
somewhere I never looked before when I died and saw God and some angels who said to me that zi was in the wrong place wrong 
time but here is a gift for you to find out the answers to what you
have been looking for and a Poet
is who I now be you see now I can 
talk to my soul and listen to what
my heart has to say, We call that
poetry it has help heal me and so many others yet I am still to this day looking for who I am, I think maybe the problem is, I was born to late that is why I am lost in this world because I believe that there
is not many people that still think
that true love excist and happily
ever after is not only in fairy tales, and once upon a time happens
for everyone not just for fairy tale
prince and princess, even candle
lit dinners and moonlit walks in the park you see that  Is part of who I am, finding peace within myself is whom I would like to be.
Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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