Seven Years

Seven years You and I have been through a lot since we first met out on the streets when I was searching for my lost son, and I wrote you that first poem. I called it Blue, like the color of your hair than from there, the words kept coming as I started writing all about you as you became my muse and inspired me the most, causing me to write the most beautiful romantic poetry that I have written so, of course, we got closer whenever we were together and when we we're apart I thought about you all the time knowing you were always just out of reach. After that, I always felt that falling in love with someone you can never have, is like falling in love with the moon and the stars, as you can see their beauty, everywhere in the midnight skies but can never fully grasp them or hold them in your arms. it has been seven years since I first saw you, and yet I still love you today the same way I used to love you back then, just as I will tomorrow and all the days after that and though, by the grace of God, you are my wife now, we will always be friends so it took eight years for our love to finally grow together, intertwining, twisting, like we were dancing the waltz around and around on a hardwood floor, the only band playing was you and I listening to the pounding of a beautiful melody of our two hearts beating the same beat together as one while we got lost in each other's eyes, watching a movie of the rest of our lives looking down deep inside, mesmerized by the sight of our souls making love and hearing them whisper the same words that were on both our minds, with not a sound being said, saving our breaths on all those words we have already heard it a thousand times before starting the day, we were born, only trained to say them, then repeating back again, never knowing what they really meant until those precious few moments in time that God has given us like the one we have today, allowing those memories that will last forever no matter what happens between you and me until the end of days for that is how long my love will last for you even longer because I love you and baby, I love you too. Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. A Poet's Journey


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