When God made beautiful

When God made Beautiful. 

When God made beautiful on that very 
faithful day he was thinking only about 
you in every single way for every time I 
see you I drop down to my knees looking 
up to heaven then I begin to pray "first I 
want to say thank you God for sending 
me this angel of mercy in my time of need
turning my dark and lonely life into light 
where I was blind but now I can see filling 
up my heart once again of love, hope, and 
strength so I can move forward erasing all 
of my misery and pain away
Second I would like to say that I love you and her
both unconditionally thank you so much for 
showing me how to love and to her for making
Love to me every night until the sun comes up making love
to the moon all day
In bed just me and you every time you kiss me you
Send a shiver down my spine causing a fire to ignite
Sending flames of heated passion as I hold you 
In my arms feeling your naked beautiful naked breast rise up and fall with your 
ever single breath when we are finished and even
Spent we look into each other's eyes and 
that is when we realize that we are lost somewhere 
Between our hearts 
souls where all our secrets are
being held whispered 
between each other as our deepest dreams and 
desires are being told and when you listen 
you can hear as our two hearts start beating a very special tune 
causing our souls to come together as they start 
making love to all the music being played by 
all of the stars high above while an orchestra 
of angels are singing the words of blessings
and forever love praying for us to be together through 
all of time forevermore.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey 


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