The Map

Richard, as always, your writing touches my heart.

Mon cher ami, elle vous y trouverez, n'abandonnez pas espoir.

The Map

The scars on my heart are where the many
heartaches and painful memories of my life
have broken my heart crisscross across it
like the navigational lines of a map from the
many journeys I have been on down the different
paths of life that it has taken me for it has
traveled around the world and back like this
one that we live and to the moon on many a
blanket under the stars on many a very warm
midsummer nights It has traveled down roads
where it has walked all alone wishing it had
taken the road that leads back home and
It has been lost on the highways that were
leading straight into hell that was littered with
the lost souls broke down with heart Breaks,
Sorrow, and Despair It has been down the roads
that was filled with many happy smiles of the
faces of all the loved ones that it has not seen
in now many a miles It has ventured down
boulevards that were lit with many lights the
ones that made It smile with the smells and
all the sights bringing back the memories of
where It all had started when its journey had
first began and now with the many miles It
has traveled with too many to ever know
while never knowing which one would be best
to take or where it will go just hoping it will
find the road that it has been searching for
the one path that leads to love and all of the
happiness that it has never known.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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