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Some people tell me well let me rephrase that I should say a very small number of people do not believe that I should call out the truth or even maybe not live my life so much on social media as I have for 8 years now especially when it comes to my personal life. I think they are wrong. See that is how for so long preditors molesters rapist got away with it, you know to keep it in the family going on down the line oh that's aunt so and so it is because the crimes are so heinous that people just do not want their families implicated in these crimes so it swept under the rug like it was mental health problem which we have been conditioned to just swipe it away. Renee L Harper-Knittle is a drug addict who has been to rehab a dozen times or more she trades sex for pills and has for long time she will whore herself out for dope but this time she has crossed the line by trading dope, pills, and other drugs for her own children Ryder now has had this happen twice the first time I got sole custody so has Corybn she came over a few weeks ago acting like nothing was wrong then took us to family dinner all four of us then helps Ryder with homework put him to bed then my bedroom got undressed and laid in bed waking up with her head on my chest we made it was like she was back but better then got dressed told me I love you rich I will be back later so we can talk drove off sent a text said I will be there see y'all in a little bit......she never came back it shatterd my soul to the point it will never heal Corbyn who she just dumped on my doorstep and walked away to be with her parent's roommate Robert Cole who has been feeding her drugs and manipulating her and the family through the use of intimidation manipulation and fear for a long time a man Renee hated wore her down. she said he was there for me I fucking laughed then balled of course he was hr had been working for months she is a dumbass this guy is a creep he was so in love with her sister for a long time even called the landlord to get her thrown out because she would not have sex with him, so then he set his sites on Renee. I hear that addicts are not really them anymore I call bullshit, they know exactly what they are doing we as a society give them an excuse naming them as addicts. addiction is a disease but it is one that is self-inflicted to hide behind from a life that has been hard or they just like to get high like Renee they just could not take it. Renee L Harper-Knittle is what you would call a Dope Whore who has not even attempted to see her children at all
she makes plans in the morning then send nasty text in the evening not once showing up. She was never been a mother, to begin with, and I find it appalling she was allowed to have any children at all. Oh.. she makes plans to see them in good faith for her parents who have no idea what's been going on at all, I have already been threatened and so has Corbyn by this waste of air moron which she did nothing about her own child at Christmas, so now here I am having to clean up her mess, raise her children, pay all the bills while I am trying to work a full-time Job and makeup with my own children who have been in alienated by Renee and my parents who again she lied to constenly about me stole from they do not talk to me either so Renee L Harper-Knittle decided to live this perfect little fantasy in her fucked up head where she has no responsibility at all no bills no kids, no husband no cats no dog just her and her boyfriend leaving me all of this bullshit on my own no financial support of any kind yet she collects child support and 600.00 worth of food stamps so those that believe I should not be calling her out please unfriend me, right the fuck now it is no great loss to me. and if anybody else thinks it is wrong here is her number Renee L Harper-Knittle 580-634-1326.


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