Which way will I go

 Which way will I go

I wonder where it is I am going when I
leave this place and finally say goodbye
will I get my wings and fly to heaven
or am I going straight to hell when I
die, to tell the truth, I do not know it's
very hard to say, have I sinned? Yes
I have almost every single day, I have
danced with the devil with tickets
that I stole then I killed his demon
when it tried to steal my soul, I have
gotten drunk and did some drugs
but that was many years ago then
saved some lives with just my words
and I even fought a war for love, so
will I fly up to heaven or will I fall to
hell will Jesus come to save me or
does the devil have control, the bible
tells us that God created us in His
likeness so does that mean he is
short fat and bald like me or does
it mean that He wears a dress he is
a she and sits down to go pee, there
are three sides to a story after all and
I just want to understand if I could
talk to the devil for just a few minutes
to hear his version of what happened
and why it was he was cast out of
heaven and why in God's name did he
then curse man from within, then
we have the story of the first man
whose name was Adam and his
wife named Eve, not much of a story
really because woman are still the
same besides the snake was bigger
the fruit was sweeter what more can
I say I wonder when I die which way
will I go do I take the stairway to
heaven or am I already on the
Highway to hell. I guess I will wait
until Saint Peter decides to call
my name on my judgment day
so when I stand at the gates of
heaven I will still have a chance
to explain please forgive me for
I know that I have sinned but at
least I never killed anyone and
my heart was always kind I tried
my best to reject all the hate
while making love to as many
women I could find, I spilled my
ink from Gods own well with
words the He supplied hoping
I put a smile on somebody's face
and maybe changed a life.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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