A passion never known

 A passion never known

All of the time that we had shared
together are some of the best damn
memories that I shall never soon
forget let alone ever regret when
our two lips came together sparks
flew as we kissed causing smoke
then flames of a raging fire that is
still burning out of control today then
late that night when you and I held
each other tight out upon the hard
wood floor the very real existence of
who I thought I was, went walking
out the barroom door, I felt so light
it was as if our souls then took
control making love together before
our hearts had known causing chaos
and confusion to our minds then
down below all I wanted next was
to get you home in bed where a
storm of retribution tore your
clothes off in submission by a
spell cast from superstition
causing all of the lightning to
strike at the exact same position
lighting up the bedroom like it was
the fourth of July while we rocked
and rolled the bedroom causing
the thunder to explode in a boom
that is when at that very moment
when my heart started beating
faster while pounding very hard
just as all of my blood began flowing
way out of control both of us knowing
just how wrong it was but our bodies
had already taken full control by
the time the night had ended yet
had brought the total truth and
conviction to come to the final
conclusions from a love that was
not ever meant for us to be that
still to this very day burns deep
down inside of me like the heat of
passion never before is known to man
like now when you looked into my
eyes my body shook like a mighty
earthquake its magnitude ten-point
five wanting so bad to grab you then
pull you in to kiss your lips to once
again see what might explode then
lay you softly down onto the ground
and write a brand new masterpiece
of our own art a treasured piece of
poetry that is called "making love"
spilling ink all over you that shall last
well past forever into the eternity's
high above.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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