I am Thankful

With the world these days being such a mess which is caused by such things as wars

that are not new but just the same old conflicts, religion that 

pray to all the same actors but in different order that confuses 

me to no end when they are all supported to be about peace am I missing something here,

Politics the left or the right who cares what hand you use

besides they are all dicks to me so grow up and shake hands for Christ sakes, which is always

on the news on every channel on our television sets and COVID-19 

and all the new Hey let's play God human born viruses causing us to instead 

of becoming closer to each other now we are standing six feet back 

from one another, so now we have mistrust they did it, not me, fear that the truth will come out, the anxiety of what comes next, and so much stress along with our relatively short amount of time and history on this planet, we call Earth which has a very violent past in the first place that stems from our ignorant fear of the unknown. So now our past comes back around every so many years to bite us in the ass because for some reason we cannot just learn from any of those mistakes we have need to repeat them over like a broken record like racism why? We are the same color inside, antisemitism anti - Muslim again it is a religion how the hell did we get violence out of peace, addiction to anything which is a sickness of the mind, heart, and soul and by the way can be cured I mean come on people why can we not just get along and move forward with our

lives according to humanity because as it is we are not so it is time we get a better picture of our future and not just hit rewind and live it over and over yes it is a different time, we have grown up as a race but it is not the same people but it is the same actions it may be called something different but it is not so instead we live in a sort of time loop of horror destruction and more so I know that we may find it hard to be thankful for anything at all in our lives, so I have an idea instead of always being focused on all the darkness that surrounds us all the negativity we feel let us step into the 

light open up our eyes and be thankful for what is good that we do have for instance, 

I am thankful at least most of the time I am still alive and getting better all the time. 

I am thankful for the few family I still have left whether we talk or not. 

I am thankful that my Mom and Dad are still here with me and have been married for fifty-seven years same as my age. 

I am thankful to have a job and get to work from home, a car that runs and has a great AC. food to eat something to drink and a roof over my head. 

I am thankful that all my boys are doing well along with my grandchildren too. 

I am thankful that God has given me the words to write what I feel. 

I am thankful for all the people that are in my life either in the past or even still. 

I am thankful for being born an American who knows we will rise again. 

I am thankful for all the people that read what I write. 

I am thankful for all the haters how else would I know that I am doing it right. 

I am thankful for a lot more things like more people, more places, so let us just sayI  am thankful for everything am thankful for last but not least. 

I am thankful for just being me no smoke and mirrors even though I may not like myself all 

the time I will always love me because God loves me too and guess what He also loves all of you well at least most of you anyways. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving if you can and please remember all the cats and dogs with nowheret o go tonight and all the homeless with no homes and the poor who did not ask to be that way and to all

the Men and Women serving our country in our military protecting you and me who cannot make it home 

for the holidays and the addicts who are lost in their addiction trying to find a way out of the nightmare, they are living in their minds and one last thing how about we let all hate go away from your hearts, minds, and souls so that love has a chance to grow, Oh and no matter who you are with wherever you go just Smile at everyone you see yeah it may be a little creepy but It is contagious so spread that love wherever you may go instead of being the problem propagating hate LET'S ALL MAKE LOVE INSTEAD. 

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.

A Poet’s Journey


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