Footprints in the sand

 footprints in the sand

Somebody once told me that
that people will come and go
into our lives each one for a
different reasons some we meet
In passing, never to be seen
again some are a little long either
for work, like the postman or
as short-term friends others
are meant to stay a little longer
like girlfriends, husbands, best
friends and those whom we know
our whole lives who come and
go like the sun and the moon
every morning and the nighttime
then we have those that we try
to hold on to for a little longer
because they danced with our
souls at one time or another
either way, what I am trying to
say is each one of those people
we're in our lives for us to learn
something, no matter how big
or small and to help us grow as
human beings and, in return, they
learned the same. Then there are
the ones we never forget that
somehow have found a way to
stay in our hearts and souls. They
have held our hands as we walked
the path together leaving a lasting
impression like finding footprints
in the sand and no matter whether
they are here, or there they're close
by or far away living in the light or
sitting in the dark, they left behind
their hand prints upon our hearts
that will follow us from life to life
who at one time were strangers we
never knew who became someone
special like a close friend and or
lover we used to know but one who
we will always and forever never
forget through this life and the next
one forever until the end of time.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poets Journey


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