Do not ever judge me for you have never 

been where I have been or seen what I have 

saw or even heard the things I never asked to 


Do not ever judge me for you have never walked

in my shoes or wore my clothes or even worn the

many hats which I had to bear upon my head.

Do not ever judge me for the things that I may have

said or what I might even say today or maybe 

even tomorrow or what I may or might not have 

written now or in the past present or future as you have never

lived in any of the chapters of my life or spilled any

of my ink that drips with regret and strife.

Do not ever judge me for you have never seen the

wars that I now fight or ever fought in any of my

battles that I now fight or lost the things I have lost

or have forgotten of what I cannot remember.

Do not ever judge me on the places I have lived or

where I now live in or the cars I have driven or now 

drive for there have been times I have had no place to 

live or a car to drive in.

Do not ever judge me on the color of my skin the one

which I was born with and still wear and am proud of 

for you have no idea how I have been treated in my life 

or all my hate and scorn or feel my hurt and pain, even

anger or rage from broken hearts and the demons who I

fight every single day of my life.

Do not ever judge me for you are not my God and we are

not on judgment day this is not at the gates of heaven

and you are not Peter the Saint.

Do not ever judge me or anything about me or my friends

or family because, despite what you may think you will

never be better than me so until you can stand there and

look in the mirror and honestly judge yourself

maybe one day you can tell your own story for the people

that stand and judge all others should stand in front of all

they have judged and be judged themselves.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet’s Journey


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