Sometimes when it is late at night and everyone else is 

asleep and the only things that are moving is in my head

and the pounding of my heart as my mind is going about 

a hundred miles an hour trying everything I can to slow it

down so I can fall asleep close my eyes and begin to dream

all about you and I getting together alone finally with no 

one else around our clothes are thrown all over the ground

as we smile and laugh and giggle while we whisper about 

the things that turn us on as I get a little bit closer telling you

how I love you more than anybody else who came before, 

which I say from the bottom of my heart as I reach over and

pull you in a little bit closer and I kiss you on your lips as

I start to write a brand-new poem across your sexy body 

that really turns you on. So I tell myself to slow down and 

breathe as I watch your chest begin to heave up and down 

as I start to spill my ink starting right in the center of your 

beautiful breast as I write "Roses come in many colors 

and violets are blue but does it really matter? Know my

love, for you, will never waiver while we walk hand in hand 

down life's paths together in what we call our forever and 

even though our forever’s are not the same as I am the father 

time watching the sand pile becomes smaller while your age 

and beauty defies time itself as you will live longer than eternity 

if God allows you.  I then start the second verse just as you turn 

over the ink from my pen drips down upon the back of your 

neck, starting out slow as a single drop rolling down your naked

back gaining speed and motion becoming a raging river crashing

into a stormy ocean splashing water all over causing the ink to

write words of love and devotion coming together to create a new

chapter of our life from a Once upon a time to a happily ever after

just as the glow of the full moon shines its beam down upon us,

the starlight of a billion stars and the sun come together with

my love shining brightly, showering your beautiful body with

light and love refracting off the ink and your sweat and tears,

shinning like diamonds off your sexy body which I do believe

makes you the most beautiful creature God has ever created

throughout all of history today, tomorrow, and beyond. Then the

starlight starts to fade the moon begins its exit too after making

love to the sun leaving you and me to finish our story as the

warmth of the sun creeps in through the window while we

look up and gaze at the sky, so blue watching the sunshine rain

down upon our ever-growing minds and our glistening bodies as

we write erotic sonnets that surprise both of us with a passion that

is never out of fashion as you and I are meant to be in each other

 life's forever.   

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. And Craig J Burt 4/15/23



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