Maybe wishes come true

Maybe one day when you are standing right here next to
me I will reach up into the night skies a catch a falling star
so we could both make a wish upon it and when we were
done close our eyes and I would throw that star as hard as
I could into the sky and let it fly back to where it had been
once before, shining its beautiful light down upon the very
spot you and I were standing, transforming the surrounding
night to light up like a thousand fireflies all around us while
we are staring into each other's eyes as it seems right out
of a dream as my wish I believe is coming true taking me
back in time to when I was at my finest right before your
eyes causing your knees to go weak and your heart starts
to beat as your soul reaches out to mine just as my soul
reaches into yours and they begin to dance slowly together
up around the moon and stars above holding onto one
another tightly deep into the night when they started making
love while listening to the sound of our two bodies slapping
hard against one another as we start to breathe harder our
words flow freely in and out of our mouths, whispering sweet
nothings like, oh baby you feel so good and I wish this would
last forever, then suddenly it felt as if time just froze like the
only thing that mattered at that very moment was you and I
making love as our hearts began to beat together as one
growing together in a bond that would never be broken, then
I could feel time as it started moving forward faster and
faster trying to catch back up to the future, then finally what
seemed like an explosion was between me, you, and the time
came together in a beautiful display of lights and sound until
we collapse exhausted from the event of epic proportions
then as if nothing ever happened I woke up in the same spot
looking around, blinked a few times, and started smiling like
I have never smiled before while you continued talking asking
me to borrow my car again not a clue of what just happened
then you stopped abruptly and said, are you okay why are you
smiling like you did something wrong I thought for a second
I should tell you but said if I was twenty years younger I would
and said thank you with a smile and I walked away thinking
maybe wishes do come true thanking God for making my day
one I will always remember for the rest of my life.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.


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