Scars upon my heart

All the scars upon my heart 
were placed there by those 
who had supposedly loved 
me at one time or another
each and everyone of them promising they would never 
hurt me like all those before 
but they did anyway and now 
are gone like the dust in the 
wind leaving me with a heart
that is broken shattering into 
so many pieces that I may never
be able to find all the parts no
matter how hard I try as they
were scattered by the winds 
of change landing throughout
all of time as I try so hard to
understand why love has been so painful for me always giving
them everything I have to give
all my secrets my trust my love
why is it that it is never quite enough for anybody even while
I believe in everybody when will
somebody finally believe in me.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr
A Poet's Journey


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