I am only human

 I am only human, so yes, I will cry out in pain

when I am hurt or sad or so joyful about that
it touched me deep down to my soul, I weep
for others whom I cannot help like the many
homeless who are living on the streets just
trying to find some shelter out of the cold
even food and drink some have mental health
issues which more than likely will never find
a cure while others are addicts who will either
figure it all out and climb out while others like
some whom I know I am sad to say will not
and this evil disease will take another friend
or even someone in my family for sure while
others wander with nowhere to go, yet still they
are invisible to the world and even within themselves
because maybe a child has died causing a full
mental breakdown. I know it would happen to me
or maybe lost the only job they ever knew or
laid off still, just forgot who they were, a hero
once who came back from a useless war lost
somewhere inside of themselves fighting some
enemy who is not there whose dreams are so
horrific, most of you reading this would piss
your pants or wet the bed screaming for your
mommy afraid of the dark. I am flesh and blood
so when you hit me or call me names, I will
feel that pain both on the outside, where I
bruise and bleed and inside of me where
sometimes that feeling never heals, just
wondering what I did wrong and why you could
not just talk to me and try to get along. We
must stop being so frightened by that of which
we do not know as that of another man's
skin close your eyes. I could be black, white, red,
yellow and brown, yet when I bleed, it is red,
just as yours my friends while tears that fall are
the same tears that fall from you for the same
joy and pain and my heart, which I am as fragile
as a new flower blooming sometimes will break
the same as you and the rest of the world
needing a hand to hold to walk or bath the
older I get, no matter what I write or say we
are all the same, straight from our souls. That's
the way God made us except for the platypus
not sure what He was thinking, maybe a little
too much drinking from turning water into wine
hey you never know we were not there so
basically what I am trying to say is it really is
so much easier to love than to hate. Just think
about it. What a wonderful life this would be
if we all smiled more, shook each other's hand
help those who need helping forgive those that
need forgiving while we all leave the judging
of others to God, forget all that needs forgetting
leave the past behind us and start looking
forward to better days ahead.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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